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7 Ways to Control Algae

  • February 23, 2014

Ways to Control Algae

7 Way to Control Algae

It’s that time of the year, when winter is holding on ferociously, spring is around the corner, and summer is not far behind. As managers of lakes and ponds its time to reassess our annual algae and vegetation management plans/prescriptions. As a professional we are always asking what, why, when, where, and how did our plan work, or did not work.

We must give credit where its due.  Algae’s basic function along side the rest of the terrestrial world (trees, plants, etc.), is to produce oxygen for the environment we live in. However, as the temperatures begin rising algae growth can take on a whole new meaning for lake and pond owners. That credit we just gave it, took the preferable “right turn Clyde”. Algae begins growing unchecked and becomes an ugly mess that is ruining the tranquility and beauty of your recreational pond.

Professional lake, pond, or water managers are always trying to get one step ahead on algae. No one likes seeing green floating scum on their water. But did you know that there maybe many variables contributing to algae growth? Pond owners should consider the type of fish the pond holds, slope and depth of the pond, livestock that may be around the pond, the water source, and the previous use of pond. These are just some of the considerations to thing ab out when you see algae growing in your pond or lake.

When addressing algae problems, start by assessing your what our the current goals are for the pond. Goals and current events will determine what methods are used to treat algae. If there is an event happening in two days, a chemical treatment that results in dead brown mats of algae won’t be received very well by guests.  There is no “one size fits” all recommendation or product to control algae.  It is the job of the consultant to provide all available options and information after asking and answering questions that will help you to make decisions for your lake or pond. Remember,  no two ponds that are alike and a product that is labeled “one size fits all” will more than likely disappoint.

So, what options should you consider?  We’ll take a look at seven algae control options and discuss them weekly.  They include:

Controlling algae is a process. Start with your goals for your pond or lake, discuss the costs, time and resources needed.  Remember there is “no one size fits all”.  Educate yourself and if needed, worth with a lake or pond professional to discuss your situation. If your lake or pond is looking great, everyone will benefit and enjoy your efforts.


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