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Category: Aeration Options

Outdoor Water Solutions

Why Should I Keep Leaves Out of My Pond?

Although we always welcome the cooler temperatures that come with fall and even the winter months, pond enthusiasts everywhere can agree that we could do without the falling leaves. It can be a big headache if you’re trying to keep your pond clean. The task can seem impossible, especially...
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The Benefits of Surface Aeration for Ponds and Lakes

Both ponds and lakes can benefit significantly from proper lake and pond aeration. There are two main types of aeration: surface and bottom water aeration. In this article, we will focus mainly on surface water aeration. Although bottom aeration is also important, it is primarily used for larger and...
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How Do I Get Rid of Green Pond Water?

Seeing your pond covered in green can be an aggravating sight. It can be incredibly frustrating if you’ve tried many ways to eliminate the green in your pond without success. What works? What doesn’t? It is essential to know why the green color is showing up in your pond....
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Can I Boost Oxygen Levels In My Pond With Aeration?

When it comes to infusing a pond or lake with oxygen, you want to focus on aeration. A healthy pond must contain aeration to promote that thriving energy for your pond life. Moreover, it will also help to keep the waters crystal clear and clean. But, you may be...
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How Do I Pick The Right De-Icer For My Pond

The Ice-Away De-Icer from Outdoor Water Solutions is a must-have item for those who own a pond. The de-icing process is important when those freezing temperatures hit your area. If the outside air reads 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your waters will usually be warmer at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However,...
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What to do With Your Pond During Freezing Temperatures

As the fall season begins, the winter season won’t be too far behind. Some areas begin to see freezing temperatures as soon as October. When caring for a pond, it’s essential to know when those freezing temperatures will arrive in your area. Why is this information critical? Well, freezing...
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Can I Raise Trophy Fish in My Small Pond?

Ponds are great complements to any landscape, whether you have a large or small pond. What about fish? Well, although some may think you may be limited on the types of fish you want to stock in a small pond, the fact is that you can stock bigger fish...
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How Do I Maintain My Pond?

When it comes to pond maintenance, many things play a factor. Many people look at a pond and don’t realize how much work and effort it takes to maintain a pond adequately. However, if you’re a pond enthusiast, you know ponds need a lot of care. Each pond is...
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Why Ice-Away De-Icer Is Important For Your Pond

Wintertime can bring freezing temperatures that adversely affect your pond and pond life. If you live in an area where you experience freezing temperatures, your pond can end up freezing over. This can eliminate sufficient airflow and movement in the water, which can end up killing your fish. We...
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When and How To Clean Your Pond

Having a clean pond is key to keeping your landscape beautiful. Unfortunately, when debris accumulates in and around the pond, the results can create a dirty environment. The overall layout will become polluted with pond muck, bad bacteria, and other components that can harm the pond’s ecosystem. In addition,...
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Is a Solar Pond Aerator The Best Option For Your Pond?

As pond owners, ideally, we want mother nature to take the reins and help our ponds maintain their beauty and aquatic health. Unfortunately, there are parts of the country that are prone to inclement weather making it difficult for nature and your pond to work together. If your beautiful...
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Introducing The Ice-Away De-Icer For Lakes and Ponds

As the summer months draw to a close, both fall and winter can’t be too far behind. With cold weather arriving in a few months, preparing your pond or lake is a good idea. Freezing temperatures can begin to arrive as early as October in some areas. If you...
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