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Outdoor Water Solutions

Pairing Pond Products With Our Fish Feeders

If you’ve been yearning to transform your pond or lake into a vibrant and thriving ecosystem, look no further. Outdoor Water Solutions has a range of outdoor products that not only complement your space but also add a functional aspect to it. In particular, our fish feeders, which provide...
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Pond De Icers and Their Wildlife Conservation Role

As temperatures drop, ponds and lakes have the potential to freeze, posing a threat to the diverse ecosystems thriving within. Pond de icers play a crucial role in helping the wildlife get the sustenance they need to survive in the frigid winter months of the year. Outdoor Water Solutions,...
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What is Pond Muck, and How Should You Get Rid of It?

Pond Muck and Its Composition If you have a pond, you’ve likely had to deal with pond muck at some point or another. What does it mean exactly? In short, pond muck is a collection of algae, fish waste, excessive nutrients, bad bacteria, and other types of organic debris....
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Should I Use Pond Dye?

A Reliable Treatment for Ponds If you have a pond, you’ve likely come across the term “pond dye” at one time or another. While the term may seem a little intimidating without knowing the ins and outs of its uses, the truth is that it can be beneficial for...
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Tips for Caring for an Old Pond

A Variety of Methods Work Managing an old pond can be challenging. However, with the right methods and tools, you’ll be able to turn your old pond into a new one. It’s important to note that you won’t find a quick fix that works overnight. It may take some...
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How to Prepare Your Pond for Spring

Restoring Your Pond As the last few weeks of winter roll around, preparing your pond for the spring months ahead is a good idea. The winter months can bring some freezing temperatures, which may have affected your diffuser or the pond aerator. One of the first things you can...
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What Chemicals Work Best On Pond Weeds

The Landscape of Your Pond The habitat of a pond contains a collection of naturally occurring components, such as fish and algae. An aeration system that provides aeration can also be an important part of the pond’s environment. However, you may find other naturally occurring items growing in and...
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How To Use Pond Traps for Fishing

Fishing at the Pond or Lake Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a pleasant afternoon around the pond or lake. You can find many activities to do when you’re enjoying the outdoors, such as fishing. Whether it’s with your friends or family, you can have many hours of fishing...
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Pond Maintenance With a Floating Pond Fountain

Nothing offsets a gorgeous piece of land or a beautiful home or building like a pond. Some are nature-made, some are man-made, but all (when properly maintained) make perfect accents. If you’ve ever taken notice of these ponds, you’ve probably also noticed that most ponds, particularly those built for...
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How Do Pond Microbes Work: Bacteria Packs and Clarifiers

Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria When it comes to caring for a pond, you’ll need to use a few alternatives to clean and clear your pond fully. One way that can help clear your pond is by using pond microbes. These microbes will come in the form of bacteria packs...
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How Can I Beautify My Pond?

Designing Your Pond A pond is a beautiful addition to any landscape. Ponds are great additions to any landscape because they can create a pleasant, relaxing environment. Moreover, when you have a pond, you can do many things to accentuate its beauty. Rest assured that you will be able...
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How Does Pond Aeration Work?

Pond Aeration is Essential Adding a pond to a landscape can help to accentuate its beauty and uniqueness. However, to keep your pond looking great, you will have to invest in an aeration system. A lot goes into maintaining your pond properly, and pond aeration paramount. However, if you’ve...
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