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Category: Pond & Lake Maintenance

Outdoor Water Solutions

How Do I Fix Pond Muck?

What is Pond Muck? If you have a pond, you’ve likely encountered pond muck at one time or another. The sight of this muck is unmistakable in any pond. It can come in many shapes, forms, colors, and even smells. Although you most likely will see it during the...
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Pond Maintenance for the Summertime

The summertime is the perfect season to spend time outdoors. You can enjoy a wide range of activities with friends and family. One of those activities can include spending relaxing days around a pond. Many like to fish or just enjoy the aesthetically pleasing view and atmosphere of the...
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How the Summer Sun Can Help Maintain Your Pond

One of the most difficult times of year for a pond is the summer. While the pond is great for aesthetics, it can really take a beating and lose some of its stunning features in the summer due to the high temperatures and lack of rain. It may sound...
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Pond Care 101: Tips and Tricks

A pond is a beautiful addition to any landscape. It provides a natural yet unique layout that complements the surrounding area. Moreover, although ponds are great for any landscape, it is also important to care for them properly. It may seem difficult at first. However, it can be a...
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What is Algae, and How do I Get Rid of It? 

Algae is a common occurrence in ponds. Anyone who has a pond will likely encounter it sooner or later. Algae can form at the surface or even at the bottom of the pond. Even though algae can be an annoyance, it is a natural and essential component of a...
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How Does Aeration Help A Pond

Is Aeration Important?  Caring for a pond can involve a few things. One of the most important aspects of caring for a pond includes aeration. Many may wonder: Is it really necessary or essential to have aeration in a pond setup? The short answer is yes. Let’s see what...
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Can I Eliminate Pond Muck?

What is Pond Muck?  The result of pond muck is a collection of algae bloom and other types of debris that accumulates on the bottom of your pond. When it comes to pond muck, it can makemanaging the pond a real challenge as that excess organic matter releases nitrogen...
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How to Keep Your Pond Healthy in the Summer Heat

For most of the country, the summer heat has officially arrived. While this is great for planning summer vacations and family get-togethers, it’s not so great for our yards and also, our ponds. If you’ve noticed that your pond is looking a little dull and lifeless or if a...
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Does My Pond Need an Aerator?

Your New Pond  Investing in a new pond is exciting. Whether you move to a new home with an existing pond or you decide to build a pond from scratch, you need to think about proper aeration for it. But you may be wondering, does my pond really need...
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Bass Management Dos and Don’ts

Fish management is one of the most essential parts of sports fishing. If you want to catch healthy fish, you want to have the right habitat type in your pond. In this case, we’ll go over what you can do to keep your bass  healthy and thriving. The last...
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Why is Aeration Important?

The Aeration Process Aeration is the most essential part of a pond ecosystem. It keeps the pond looking beautiful, but it also keeps your fish alive and thriving. How does it work? The aeration process or cycle is the infusion of oxygen into the waters. This is beneficial for...
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How do I Pick the Right Floating Fountain?

Choosing Your Floating Fountain A floating pond fountain is a beautiful addition to any pond. However, did you know that not all floating fountains are made the same? In other words, you have to choose a floating fountain that will work for your type of pond, lake, or any...
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