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Category: Pond & Lake Maintenance

Outdoor Water Solutions

How Soilfloc Pond Sealers Can Salvage Your Pond

Is your once-pristine pond now a source of frustration due to leaks and seepage? Fear not, as there’s a solution that can salvage your pond and restore it to its former glory. Enter Soilfloc, the revolutionary pond sealer that’s changing the game for pond owners everywhere. At Outdoor Water...
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How Bacteria Packs Bust Algae for Good

Algae can quickly turn your lake or pond into a murky and unsightly mess. It’s a common issue faced by pond owners, but understanding the root cause is crucial. Algae thrive in nutrient-rich environments, often fueled by excess organic matter and sunlight. Traditional methods like chemical treatments may offer...
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Break the Ice With Ice-Away De-Icer

When temperatures drop and ice begins to form, pond owners rely on proactive measures to survive the harsh conditions. In order to maintain a healthy environment for their pond’s aquatic life amidst the ice, the Ice-Away De-Icer is your best ally in combating the formation of ice on top...
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Winter Pond Preservation with De-Icers and Bacteria

Winter’s icy grip can be challenging for pond owners, but with the right tools and knowledge, your pond life can thrive even in the coldest months. As temperatures plummet, the surface of your pond may succumb to a layer of ice, creating an inhospitable environment for aquatic life. Enter...
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5 DIY Winter Pond Projects

There’s nothing like owning a pond in the winter. It’s a serene experience when you see just how peaceful your outdoor space is with the addition of a beautiful pond to bring your yard together. However, taking care of your pond in the winter can sometimes feel like a...
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The Ice-Away De-Icer

As the temperature drops and frost begins to take over, it’s crucial for pond owners to equip their ponds with the right tools to combat the icy grasp of winter. If you’re thinking, “How can I keep my pond free from ice this winter?” fear not,  Outdoor Water Solutions...
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Pond Maintenance Strategies for Fish Survival This Winter

Outdoor Water Solutions offers a diverse range of innovative methods for pond maintenance, ensuring the survival of fish during the harsh winter months. With a deep understanding of aquatic ecosystems, we employ cutting-edge techniques tailored to specific pond requirements. These methods include advanced aeration systems, de-icers, and strategic water...
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Dive Into Outdoor Water Solutions’ Pond Fish Feeder Collection

When it comes to the health of the fish in your pond, having the best fish feeder makes all the difference. Ensuring your fish receive the right nutrition is essential for their growth, health, and overall vitality. At Outdoor Water Solutions, we understand the significance of proper feeding, which...
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Proactive Winter Pond Care with Outdoor Water Solutions’ De-Icers

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, pond owners face a common challenge of how to care for their beloved water features during the harsh winter months. Winter pond maintenance is crucial to preserve the health of aquatic ecosystems and prevent ice-related issues. Explore the art of...
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Enhance Your Aquatic World with Efficient Fish Feeders

Fish feeders are essential tools for maintaining a healthy and thriving aquatic environment. Whether you have a backyard pond, lake, or fish farm, these automated devices offer convenience and efficiency in feeding your aquatic friends. Outdoor Water Solutions offers a variety of fish feeders to meet all your needs....
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