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Outdoor Water Solutions

Is Your Pond or Lake Spring Ready?

And just like that, spring is here and summer will be too. It’s the time of the year for spring cleaning, ridding your house of necessary clutter, and cleaning up your property from any damage that winter may have caused. When it comes to your outdoor space, your pond...
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Is a Windmill Aeration System Right For Your Property?

You don’t hear of them very often but windmill aeration systems are actually pond aeration systems that are being used more and more in an attempt to save on energy costs or remedy a situation where electricity is unavailable. These environmentally friendly systems are a fantastic option for anyone...
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What Exactly is Algae?

Algae can be a problem for a lot of pond owners.  It can even grow on the bottom in late winter, early spring when you think it should be dormant.  It can be controlled with algaecides but the best option is to prevent it with a combination of pond...
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