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Don’t Skip on Winter Pond Aeration and Maintenance

  • December 7, 2022
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To have a healthy pond, proper pond aeration and circulation are vital all year long. Winter can prove to be one of the most difficult times of the year for pond maintenance depending on where you live. Pond aeration systems can wield results fairly quickly during the summer months as pond algae and aquatic weed build-up tend to decrease, correlating with the amount of time your pond aerator is running.

The winter, however, is another story. When using pond aeration products in the winter, the benefits are not immediately obvious and can be very subtle. The results of using aeration products are still significant and necessary to the survival of your aquatic life, nonetheless. 

You may not see them right away, but these are the benefits of utilizing pond aeration systems during the winter.

Winter Protection Through Pond Aeration

During the winter, aquatic life and certain types of algae and plants produce less oxygen as a result of the inability to rely on photosynthesis. Layers of ice can make this situation worse. Through pond aeration and, in some cases, a de-icer, oxygen levels can increase in the pond ensuring you don’t lose your fish or plant life during the cold winter months.

Further, Autumn loads your pond with organic matter such as leaf litter and fertilizer which provide a certain level of nutrients that your pond will try to digest. Pond aeration systems will produce a healthy amount of oxygen and circulation that will amplify the process giving your pond an advantage for the winter months.

Depending on the thickness of the ice or the winter temperatures, pond aeration can disrupt the formation of ice allowing for an escape path for toxic gasses from the sediment below that would otherwise be trapped under the ice. This is even more important in more shallow ponds. Should you be in an area that is subject to freezing temperatures resulting in a frozen pond, a de-icer may need to be added to your aeration products to ensure your pond is properly aerated.

Choosing Your Pond Aeration System

There are a few pond products to choose from when it comes to pond aeration. If your pond has a fountain, a bottom-diffused pond aeration system can be combined to make a perfect aeration pair. These pond aeration products transport air from a land-based compressor to diffuser disks at the bottom of the pond, producing a constant stream of air that will prevent the water around the fountain from freezing during the winter.

If your pond is not located near a power source or if you’re looking to save on electricity, a solar-powered pond aeration system and a solar aerator backup battery are great options. And, of course, a de-icer is a great addition to any aeration products when you’re located in an area where the winters get rough.

Our pond aeration systems experts are ready and available to answer any questions you may have about your pond and keeping it and your aquatic life alive and well during the harsh winter months. Visit our Outdoor Water Solutions website to see our catalog of pond aeration products or contact one of our professionals for more information at 866.471.1614.

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