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Five Ways to Beautify Your Yard for Fall

  • September 29, 2021

Fall Projects and Your Yard

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the fall months ahead. Since fall brings cooler temperatures, you can plan an array of exterior projects for your home. One of the best projects you can think about is finding great ways to beautify your yard. Within just a few weekends, you can complete a unique and relaxing layout for your yard. Let’s go over five ways to beautify your yard:


When it comes to the exterior layout of your home, nothing is better than a patio. Adding a patio can be a fun project to do on the weekend. You can choose from a wide variety of options to complete the layout of your patio. Brick pavers are excellent choices that will come in different designs, colors, and shapes. You can also choose stone or concrete pavers for your patio. In the end, whichever alternative you choose, a patio will surely make your home pop.

Ornamental Windmills:

If you want to make your yard unique, adding an ornamental windmill is a great way to do it. Outdoor Water Solutions’ ornamental windmills, like the Ornamental Wood Windmill with Powder Coated Head, come in a variety of sizes. You can choose from a height of 11 feet and 6 inches tall or choose smaller backyard windmills that can measure up to 8 feet and 3 inches tall. The size would depend on the layout of your home. Moreover, make sure to also consider your neighbors when you’re choosing the height of the windmill. The smaller alternative would work great for small yards. The windmill head turns 360 degrees and can withstand the weather elements, such as rain or snow.

Small Pond:

A small pond can complement your yard beautifully. The pond is also easy to install and can be done by a professional. You can buy a pond kit that comes with a liner and all the necessary accessories. This can include a pump or aeration kit for your pond. It is imperative to have oxygen in your pond if you plan on having fish. To complete the layout of your pond, you can buy pond lights to make it stand out at night.


A walkway is another feature you can add to your yard. You can do this for both your front and backyard. Laying down a walkway is a simple project that can be done on the weekend. Simply invest in brick or stone pavers to align your walkway. Install your pavers anywhere you think would be convenient to walk within your yard.


Although a gazebo can be a little on the expensive side, rest assured that it will beautify your yard just the way you want. You can hold outdoor gatherings in the gazebo with friends, have BBQs, or just have a place where you can go and relax after a long day. Gazebos also come in various sizes and designs. Since the gazebo is considered a structure, make sure that you hire a professional to build it.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers high-quality pond & lake aerators (solar, electric & wind) and aeration windmill systems, fish feeders, fountains, and all-natural pond care products. Please email or call us at 866.471.1614 and we can provide you with a detailed quote and can even help you design the best solar aeration system for your needs.

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