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Fountains for Aeration in Ponds and Lakes

  • February 3, 2021

A floating fountain is a great way to add some drama to your existing pond or lake while also adding great functionality through aeration. Fountains work great for ponds as shallow as 36 inches. Plus, an Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Fountain can be installed in fresh, salt, or brackish water, so no matter your pond’s consistency, we have you covered.  Nothing is more peaceful than sitting out on your deck at the end of the day and enjoying the sights and sounds of your fountain.

What kind of fountain do I need?

What kind of fountain you need depends on the size and depth of your pond. Small and shallow ponds work great for our Eco line of fountains. These have a ½ or 1 horsepower fountain as well as stainless steel LED lights to give you that lovely ambiance. These floating fountains are energy efficient and only draw 10 amps of power or fewer, depending on the size you need. Plus, the fountains come with four different nozzles, so you can easily change your spray pattern.  One of the best things about the Eco line of fountains is that they are Plug and Go. The fountain can be easily installed in a short time, and, unlike some other fountains, no oil change is required.

If you have a larger pond, our Classic Series Fountains are top of the line and perfect for you. They are made to outperform other fountains on the market. These floating fountains provide tranquility as well as functionally for all your pond needs. Fountains provide increased oxygen levels for ponds and lakes, allowing the fish and other organisms that live in your pond to thrive. They are great for both residential and commercial ponds and lakes. Our Classic Series comes in 1 ½ to 5 horsepower, plus we can design a bigger fountain system for you to make sure you have complete coverage. With the Classic Series, you can choose from six different nozzles to customize your water pattern. Additionally, you can get an optional light kit to make your pond look even more impressive at night.

What if I need more aeration for my pond?

You know aeration is key to providing oxygen to your fish and keeping your pond or lake’s ecosystem fresh and healthy. Pond fountain surface aeration is a great way to ensure your pond or lake is adequately aerated. These aerators are designed for ease of installation and portability. Our surface aerators work well for 1/2 up to 1.5-acre ponds to maximize the oxygen levels and help your fish thrive. The Duel Propeller Model moves more water to quickly and efficiently aerate your pond. Moreover, the surface aeration systems work in as little as 36 inches of water. When combined with the optional light kit, these surface aeration systems put on quite a show!

If you are looking to add a decretive yet functional element to your lake or pond, adding a fountain or surface aeration system is a great option.


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