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Get Your Pond Ready for Spring Fishing

  • April 20, 2022

The Spring Months

Now that the winter months are drawing to a close, spring is about to begin. Since winter can leave behind a trail of debris, now is an ideal time to clean your pond for your fish and the overall environment. This is the perfect time to prepare your pond for spring fishing. Pond management is key to keeping your water body balanced for your fish. It is essential to know what type of fish you have in your pond and what environment they thrive. This article will go over a few things you can do to ready your pond.

Aerate Your Pond

The first thing that fish need is plenty of oxygen. Without sufficient oxygen, your fish may not grow healthy and could begin to die off slowly. Moreover, proper aeration is also important to clean your pond. Stagnant water breeds flies and mosquitoes when the waters don’t circulate. With aeration, good bacteria will grow, stimulating a clean ecosystem for your fish. As a result, you won’t accumulate algae blooms, pond muck, or bad bacteria.

Inspect Your Fish

When you’re preparing your pond for fishing in the spring, one of the first things you have to do is inspect your fish. Since the winter months bring cold temperatures, those temps can sometimes dip into the freezing range. Depending on what type of fish you have, these temps can kill most of them. For example, if you have bass in your pond, they tend to eat threadfin shad throughout the season. However, threadfin shads are sensitive to cold temperatures and may not survive when the weather falls below 42 degrees. If you find most of your threadfin has died, you will have to clean them out of your pond.

Cleaning Your Pond

As previously stated, fish can’t survive freezing temperatures. If you find dead fish in your pond, it can create a dirty environment for the rest of the living fish. Although it can take about four weeks for a dead fish to complete its decaying process, the aeration and filtering in your pond should clean out any impurities. It would be better if you could fish out newly decaying fish early. You can do this with a skimmer along the shoreline of the pond.

Feeding Your Fish

You can also set up a proper feeding schedule for your fish. Bass, crappie, stripers, and other fish can find great protein from threadfin shad. If you plan to add a large number of fish to your pond, make sure your pond is large enough. You can also add attractors to your pond, like the Trophy Tree XL Fish Attractor Mossback. This creates a natural habitat for the rest of the fish who hunt smaller ones. In addition, the attractors work as a hiding spot for fish predators as they wait. If you’re not planning on having an aerator, fish tend to be less active. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to feed them as much. However, remember that you’re growing your fish for sport, so proper nutrition is critical and having an aeration system.

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we offer a variety of pond aerators providing you with the options needed to pick the perfect pond aerator for your pond. We always enjoy working with clients on ways to improve the quality of their ponds’ health so, if you have any questions or would like more information on our pond aerators, contact us at 866.471.1614 today!

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