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How Do Pond Microbes Work: Bacteria Packs and Clarifiers

  • January 19, 2022

Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria

When it comes to caring for a pond, you’ll need to use a few alternatives to clean and clear your pond fully. One way that can help clear your pond is by using pond microbes. These microbes will come in the form of bacteria packs and clarifiers. Now, remember that bacteria in a pond is necessary to thrive. However, you will find two types of bacteria: anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Your aim is to have aerobic bacteria. In this article, we’ll go over some of the options of bacteria packs you can consider that will fill the role of aerobic bacteria. You can find more information about pond microbes and even order them here.

Organic Matter in a Pond

Why do you need these bacteria packs and clarifiers? Well, although aeration does maintain your pond, ponds that have heavy amounts of algae or pond muck will need these types of clarifiers. When sludge forms along your pond, it can cause foul odors, accentuate a dirty environment and even clog your diffusers. Bacteria packs and pond clarifiers work to break down organic matter at the bottom and the pond’s surface. Organic matter can include a buildup of excessive nutrients found in your pond, such as algae, bad bacteria, fish waste, and more.

What Should You Choose?

Whether you’re looking to clean or clear your pond, both bacteria packs and clarifiers will be able to help. Although these pond clarifiers can clear your pond effectively, you will want to use skimmers to fish out large forms of debris. This can include leaves, tree branches, and other types of debris. In fact, clearing out most of the debris yourself can help to speed up the process.

Muck Pellets

Remember that each product you find will have its purpose. One example will include muck pellets. This is the perfect choice if you have issues with sludge buildup at the bottom of your lake or pond. The pellets will sink to the bottom and begin to eat away at the sludge. Muck pellets contain bacteria made to break down enzymes and trace materials that make up large areas of sludge.

Pond Clarifiers

You’ll be able to find pond clarifiers packaged as big as 10 pounds per bucket. This amount should be enough to treat a large pond or even a lake. This product works by tying up excess phosphorous and soil particles in the water. The result will give you clearer water. Since this product’s base is aluminum sulfate and rids the water of soil particles that are suspended, water treatment plants tend to use this alternative with great success.

Bacteria Pack

The bacteria pack is similar to the muck pellets because they work to rid the water of bad bacteria. However, a bacteria pack can work great for both the surface and the bottom of the pond. The product is environmentally friendly and will also work to break down organic material found in your water. Bacteria packs will usually dissolve within five or ten minutes of treating the water.

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