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How To Manage Your Old Pond

  • June 6, 2014

Managing Old Pond | Murky Pond SolutionsOver time, large amounts of muck and excess organic matter can develop near the bottom of your pond. If your pond is already shallow, this excess matter can make the pond virtually unusable if it is not controlled.  Algae is a plant life form that needs three things to grow, sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Old, shallow ponds create an environment where there is an abundance of all three of these ingredients, so it is important to take steps to solve this problem if you do not want your pond to be overrun with algae. There are short term solutions to this problem, but they are often very expensive and labor intensive. Outdoor Water Solutions has the advice and materials you need to help fix your pond for the long-term, the right way.

The first thing we suggest is using a bottom aeration system, rather than a surface aerator. This will begin to turn the bottom of the pond aerobic instead of anaerobic, and it will slowly start to break down the muck and excess organic material on the bottom of your pond. Outdoor Water Solutions has a number of energy efficient electric aeration systems that can truly make a difference in your pond. Click here to view our electric aeration catalog.

The next step in controlling the algae levels of your pond is to add colorants and beneficial pond bacteria to the pond. The colorants will help block sunlight from reaching the bottom of the pond, therefore cutting off one of the ingredients that algae needs in order to grow. This will slowly start to limit the growth of new algae in your pond. We also suggest adding beneficial bacteria to your pond, this will help speed up the process of breaking down the muck and excess algae on the bottom of the pond. Outdoor Water Solutions has a number of great colorants and bacteria products that can be seen here. 

The last step is to choose an algaecide that works for your pond. There are generally two choices, copper based or hydrogen peroxide based. Both of these products are available at Outdoor Water Solutions. If you would like to view our algaecides, click here. We also recommend using a lake rake to rake the algae that is floating on the surface of the pond.

These are long-term solutions and will not work overnight, but they will work. If you would like more information on how to manage your pond, please click here to visit our contact page. You can also call our store at 866-471-1614. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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