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How Windmill Aeration Works for Ponds

  • January 6, 2021

The Windmill Aeration System

A windmill aeration system has one purpose: to provide oxygen to the pond. However, much more goes into the process of aerating a pond. Although there are a few alternatives for pond aeration, a windmill aeration system is considered one of the best options. This type of system works best for ponds in rural locations. Moreover, the aeration windmill will work great for small, medium, and even larger ponds. The windmill will be able to aerate a pond up to 30 feet in depth, depending on the windmill’s height. Why is the height so important? Well, let’s go over the ins and outs of how a windmill aeration system works.

The Types of Windmills

There are three main types of windmills, the powder-coated windmill, the galvanized windmill, and the wooden windmill. Galvanized windmills have the traditional look of an old-time farm windmill with steel legs. Power coated windmills are coated in UV-protecting paint available in a variety of colors to match the aesthetics of your farm. Wooden windmills fill that nostalgia factor while still being strong and durable. Our windmills can be customized to suit your taste and needs. The windmill heads come with a hot-dipped galvanized finish.  Many people elect to have the head powder coated in one or two colors and to also have a customized tailfin. The galvanized traditional windmills are designed to last up to 30 years. The higher you go in height, the more power you will get from your windmill aerator. One of the smallest designs comes in 12 feet in tower height, which makes the windmill 15’ in total height once you add in the windmill head. However, you’ll have various other choices, including 16, 20, or 24 feet towers.

How Wind Plays an Important Role

The job of the aeration windmill is to save you money. By letting the wind do the work, you don’t have to worry about spending money on an electrical aeration system. These systems are costly, especially if you want to aerate a large pond 30 feet deep. Another advantage the windmill has over other options, such as the solar-powered aerator, is that you don’t need much power with windmill aerator to aerate a large pond.

As you go deeper, more PSI will be needed to feed oxygen into the pond, so you need to make sure your windmill is tall enough to provide enough pressure.

Finding the Right Placement

The setup and installation of the windmill is an easy process. A prime location for a windmill is on an elevated area without any obstructions that could hinder its capacity to operate the aerator. This is why a windmill aeration system is an ideal alternative for farmlands. If you have open space, you are sure to get wind to help aerate your pond.

The Inner Workings

As you probably guessed, the wind is the primary driving force of the windmill aerator. You can compare these types of aerating systems to wind turbines that create energy. Similarly, the aeration windmill produces power to the aerating system when the wind hits the blades and begin turning. As the blades of the fan head start turning, the movement causes the rotor to operate an air compressor mounted to the windmill head.  The compressed air is then supplied thru the airline to diffusers to aerate your pond.

How the Aerator Works

The aerator’s primary goal is to deliver oxygen to the water in the pond. This is especially important if you plan to have fish in your pond. Fish need oxygen in the water to survive. The windmill is convenient because it can power your aerator without any external electricity. Those who live in rural communities or on farms may have difficulty getting electricity run to their pond or it may be cost-prohibitive to do so. This is where the windmill aerator comes in handy. These aerating systems are capable of aerating ponds up to two to three acres in size, depending on the pond’s size, depth, and shape. You’ll also have the option of buying the windmill with some non-weighted airline and one diffuser or as a Deluxe kit with extra weighted airline and multiple diffusers.

Why is Aeration Important for Ponds?

In the end, aeration in ponds is essential for many reasons. As mentioned before, it provides a healthy ecosystem for the fish. However, it also keeps the water circulating to keep mosquitos and other types of insects at bay. The circulating water will help keep algae down to a minimum as well. Cleaning the pond will also be much easier with the windmill aeration system. You won’t need to use as many chemicals, and the oxygenated water will reduce the chances of harmful blue green algae. Rest assured that the aeration windmill is a worthwhile investment for any pond.

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