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Introducing The Ice-Away De-Icer For Lakes and Ponds

  • September 14, 2022

As the summer months draw to a close, both fall and winter can’t be too far behind. With cold weather arriving in a few months, preparing your pond or lake is a good idea. Freezing temperatures can begin to arrive as early as October in some areas. If you want to keep your pond or lake healthy, the Ice-Away De-Icer from Outdoor Water Solutions is an excellent choice to keep the water from freezing over. One of the benefits of an Ice-Away Deicer is that it uses a water-cooled motor. This means there is no oil in the system to leak out and contaminate your pond.

The Purpose of De-Icing

Preventing ice from forming in and around your pond is essential. The damaging effects of freezing temperatures can have devastating consequences for your pond life. Moreover, ice can also harm plant life around your pond. The purpose of de-icing your waters is to stop this from happening. Investing in a deicer can also save your docks and the shoreline landscape surrounding the waters. If you tend to have harsh winters with freezing temperatures lasting for days, you will surely get great use from the Ice-Away De-Icer.

How Does It Work?

The Ice-Away De-Icer works by moving water inside the pond or lake. This constant movement keeps the water from standing still and freezing over. The unit itself is submersible and works by producing high volumes of water as it moves in a vertical direction. Because the winter months can also bring a collection of debris, the Ice-Away De-Icer works to push surface vegetation or decaying plants away from your docks. Although the vertical mixer is a submersible unit, the Ice-Away can be mounted to a float where a dock is unavailable.

The Diffuser

Many deicer units are available on the market. However, one of the most significant features that makes the Ice-Away De-Icer stand out is that it comes with a diffuser design. This diffuser is an excellent feature because it utilizes the mounting of the motor and sling for installation. The diffuser is what increases water movement deep within the pond or lake. The velocity or speed of the diffuser is what helps the water movement reach from the depths of your pond to the open waters of the surface area, which is your primary goal. So rest assured that now is the perfect time to invest in the Ice-Away De-Icer for your pond.

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we offer a variety of pond aerators & solar pond aerators providing you with the options needed to pick the perfect pond aerator for your pond. We always enjoy working with clients on ways to improve the quality of their ponds’ health so, if you have any questions or would like more information on our solar pond aerators, contact us at 866.471.1614 today!

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