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Is a Windmill Aeration System Right For Your Property?

  • January 12, 2023

You don’t hear of them very often but windmill aeration systems are actually pond aeration systems that are being used more and more in an attempt to save on energy costs or remedy a situation where electricity is unavailable. These environmentally friendly systems are a fantastic option for anyone looking to save money or need an alternative to pond aeration systems that require electricity, so how much more “friendly” can windmill aeration systems get?

First, let’s talk about the importance of pond aeration.

No matter where you are located, ponds require pond aeration in order for aquatic life to survive and for your pond to thrive. When plants die, they sink to the bottom of your pond, aerobic bacteria decompose the organic matter. This event burns up the supply of oxygen in the water producing an end result of contaminated water. Restoring oxygen levels in the water enhances the natural cleansing cycle which is already in motion. Thus, pond water is kept healthy along with your aquatic life. 

What happens when pond aeration can’t occur naturally?

When the necessary conditions for pond aeration are not present, pond aeration products become somewhat of a requirement to keep a pond and aquatic life thriving. If it seems as though it might be a bit of work to implement pond aeration systems, consider the benefits. Proper pond aeration helps enhance fish habitats, improve water quality, regulate temperature, reduce algae, remove harmful nutrients, break down adverse bacteria, prevent insect infestations, and remove foul odors from the water. 

Now, oftentimes a pond is not near a proper electrical source to power a pond aeration system. When electricity is not an option, solar pond aeration systems and windmill aeration systems can become game changers in pond management. From a private residence to a golf course, these systems can benefit any pond not located near a power source. 

How do these systems work?

Solar aeration systems and windmill aeration systems utilize mother nature’s natural systems. Windmill aeration systems use the power of the wind, capturing it by a turbine and converting it into usable electricity for the on-shore compressor. Windmill aeration systems have been around for quite a while and, over the years, have been made more efficient and have become more reliable. 

Both solar and windmill aeration systems have evolved to include different systems such as the solar aerator battery backup. Additionally, windmill aeration systems are offered in three-legged windmills or four-legged windmills for anyone who has a personal preference. No matter your location, size of the pond, or preference of how to care for it, there’s a pond aeration product available to ensure your pond and aquatic life remain healthy and thriving. 

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we offer a variety of pond aeration products to help you properly manage and care for your pond. For more information on our solar aeration products, windmill aeration systems, or any of our top-quality pond aeration products, request a product catalog or contact one of our specialists today at 866.471.1614!

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