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How Muck Pellets work on Pond Microbes

  • July 12, 2016

Get rid of all the muck!

Are you looking to clean up your pond or lake front so that you can provide a healthy aquatic environment? Outdoor Water Solutions offers Muck Pellets which digest accumulated pond muck, which is organic debris that reside at the bottom of your pond or lake. Once applied, these pond muck removal pellets release a specialized blend of beneficial bacteria, which instantly begin digesting muck, improving water clarity and eliminating noxious odors. Here are some tips to read before applying:

1)  When should you start treating?  Muck pellets become active in your pond or lake temperature hits 50 degrees. Usually, this will happen around the month of April. The earlier you start the better outcome you will get. If you start treating in August, you would only have 3 months activity (Aug, Sep, Oct) before your water temperature dips down again below 50 degrees. Start applying in April, so
you will have 6-7 months for the microbes to eat.  The longer the better as they’ll consume 2x – 3x more organic matter if they have the whole season.

2)  Even with 6-7 months of activity, treating with microbes can typically consume 3-5″ of organic matter in one season. Keep this in mind because in many cases there will be 10-15+ years of accumulation, which will take some time to consume.

3)  Lastly, aeration. We have seen increased activity where aeration is present due to increased concentrations of all aerobic bacteria in the area which then need more OM to eat.  If you don’t have aeration around your dock, this might be something to consider when trying to get rid of muck.

These tips will ensure that your application of the muck pellets will be successful.

Learn more about out Muck Pellets here.

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