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BalCam II Compressor

  • January 24, 2014

BalCam II Compressor

Outdoor Water Solutions introduced a new breakthrough compressor design in 2007 that pumped more air at a higher psi through a single diaphragm utilizing a balanced camshaft approach and was named the “BalCam” Compressor. The compressor workload was balanced across the camshaft and center bearing which means less bearing failure than competitive products.

BalCam II Compressor | Pond Aeration | Windmill Aeratros

In 2014, Outdoor Water Solutions has developed a new, upgraded compressor that offers many exciting new patent pending features. This compressor offers a longer life span and is easier to rebuild for those that want this compressor to operate for 10-15+ years.

All Outdoor Water Solutions compressors carry a 5 year warranty which is the longest warranty in the industry!

Outdoor Water Solutions is the only Aeration Company using Stainless Steel Crankshafts and Excentrics!

Key Upgrades – BalCam II Compressor:

  • New Stainless Steel Crankshafts
  • New Stainless Steel Excentric
  • ¼” Thick Top Cover Plate
  • Upgraded Grade 8 Bolts on top
  • Upgraded Welds on Compressor Canister
  • Double Set Screw Design with Locking Snap Ring on all Excentrics and Center Bearings
  • Flats Machined on Crankshaft to Lock all Bearings and Hub into Place
  • Upgraded Neoprene Diaphragm
  • Produces up to 4.5 CFM of air at 30 psi!

BalCam II Compressors now have Stainless Steel Crankshafts and Excentrics. This means no rust and will last for years. This also makes the compressor much easier to rebuild if you ever have to rebuild it.

Pond Aeration | Best Pond AeratorsNew SS Excentric is precision machined and has two set screws with a locking snap ring. Most importantly, the center bearing is balanced in the middle of the crankshaft to equalize the workload for less bearing failure. All three bearings are inside the compressor and sealed. With today’s advanced bearing technology, you do not need to climb 20’ in the air to grease bearings every year.


Why Purchase from Outdoor Water Solutions?

  • New BalCam II Compressors with stainless steel components – exclusive to Outdoor Water Solutions!
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty on all compressors
  • Industries only technical support hotline
  • Heavy duty 16 gauge and 18 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Compressor design pumps up to 4.5 CFM of air at up to 30 psi using a single diaphragm so less parts to maintain vs. other companies with double diaphragm compressors.
  • Made in the USA, not imported from China, Mexico or Canada.
  • Multiple tower heights (12’, 16’, 20’, 24’ and 25’ towers)
  • Multiple tower styles – (3 Legged, 4 Legged, Telescopic & Wood Towers)
  • Custom Powder Coating available in any and all colors.
  • Largest head in the industry at 73” in diameter
  • Welded one piece steel hub which attaches with 2 set screws and a thru bolt on the end, so you never have to worry about your head coming off
  • Automatic overspeed protection
  • All bearings are permanently sealed and are inside of the compressor
  • All are designed for heavy load capacity

Access the worksheet here: BalCam II Compressor.


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