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Pond Aeration: Solar, Wind and Electric Options

  • April 4, 2016

Pond Aeration: Solar, Wind, and Electric Options

Pond Aeration | Solar Pond AeratorsAre you considering an aeration system for your pond or lake but are unsure of which type would work best? More and more pond owners are purchasing bottom diffused aeration systems for their ponds or lakes. The benefits of having an aeration system are extensive and include:

  • Eliminating stratification and the problematic thermoclines in ponds and lakes that can cause a fish kill when a pond turns over.
  • Adding much-needed oxygen to the entire pond changing it from anaerobic to aerobic which is much more effective at eliminating organic matter smells and other issues associated with an anaerobic body of water.
  • Increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen or DO allow fish to better utilize the whole pond, not just the top third while giving the fish more potential for growth.
  • Breaking down excess nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen in the water column which can help reduce algae along the pond edges.

Electric Pond Aerator | Best Pond AeratorsThere are three different ways you can aerate a pond. Using an electric aerator is probably the most popular. Systems range from 1/3hp up to ¾hp compressors. Outdoor Water Solutions has many options available including our 3/4hp Quantum™ compressor in our new aluminum cabinet with its Optimal Air™ Diffuser system. Electric systems work great where you have access to electricity and want 24/7 aeration. Our Quantum™ compressors all carry an industry leading 3-year warranty and are designed to last.

Aeration Windmill | Windmill AeratorsA second alternative is using wind energy to aerate your pond or lake. A windmill aerator with the BalCam™ compressor is a great long-term way to aerate your pond cost effectively. On average, you can count on 6-8+ hours of wind a day to turn the windmill head and compressor. This is more than adequate for most farm ponds and small to medium sized ponds if your goal is to eliminate stratification and change the pond to aerobic vs. anaerobic. These windmill aeration systems have the longest warranty available at 5 years on the compressor and can produce up to 4.5 CFM of air. These windmill aerators range from 15’ in height up to 28’ and come in 3 legged and 4 legged metal and also wood towers.

Deep Pond Aerator | Solar Pond AerationFinally, the third option is solar aeration. As the cost of solar panels has come down, solar aeration has become more affordable for most people. It’s a popular option where you don’t have ready access to electricity, and you want to take advantage of the sun. Our new AerMaster™ Direct Drive™ solar aerators are a great option for those looking for a more affordable solar aerator while producing up to 5.6 CFM of air, which is significantly more air than any other solar aerator on the market. These are battery-free systems that operate on most days, even if cloudy but do not operate at night and include our Optimal Air™ diffusers. We also offer a high-quality battery backup solar aeration system that uses state of the art components for those wanting to aerate up to 20 hours a day.

Lastly, both the wind and solar aeration systems can be used in conjunction with electric aeration as a backup for night time use or when there is no wind blowing using our innovative controller to manage when the electric system operates. This allows for substantial energy savings by using wind or solar when it’s available, then using AC power as a backup power source.

To learn more about pond aeration and pond aerators, please contact Outdoor Water Solutions at 1-866-471-1614. We’re also one of the only companies to offer a Tech Hotline for technical calls. That phone # is 479-879-2961.

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