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Pond Cleanup After a Storm

  • April 14, 2022

For most of the country, winter is coming to an end. While this signifies the end of the cold weather, it also means that springtime storms are on their way if they haven’t arrived in your hometown already. If you’ve been hit by stormy weather, there’s a good possibility that your pond has taken a pretty big hit from mother nature. Fortunately, there are pond care products such as pond muck pellets that can help with the cleanup.

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, which means the friend and family get-togethers are underway. Whether it’s been hit by a storm or just needs some sprucing up, keep your pond presentable with these pond cleanup tips.

Eliminate the Much with Pond Muck Pellets

On a regular day, pond muck is made up of organic materials that settle at the bottom of your pond, such as decaying vegetation and fish waste. This sediment can grow and develop into harmful muck that can not only kill your pond fish but also turn your body of water into a smelly and unappealing pond. When a storm with high winds hits, your pond is now subjected to other materials such as leaves, tree branches, and other loose landscape materials that can also build up if not removed efficiently. 

Pond muck pellets are a type of pond bacteria that break down organic matter and muck. If used properly and consistently, they can break down up to five inches of decaying matter a year! Of course, pond aeration is the best way to keep a pond healthy and clean. However, should pond aeration not be something you’re utilizing, pond muck pellets can help!

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we sell top-of-the-line pond bacteria packs that are designed to keep your pond clean and functioning at optimum levels. If materials and debris have cluttered your pond after a storm, try adding pond muck pellets to it to properly breakdown and eliminate the pond muck.

Pond Aeration Is Always The Way To Go

Pond muck pellets are a great way to break down the organic matter that can be harmful to your pond and the aquatic life that inhabits it. However, pond aeration is the best way to keep your pond healthy, clean, and looking its best. Pond aeration is one of the most popular pond care products that we have as it introduces dissolved oxygen into your pond for its quality and health.

There are different types of pond aerators, from those that also serve as floating fountains, aerators that sit at the bottom of the pond and can’t be seen, and even solar aerators that run off solar power, saving you money. At Outdoor Water Solutions, our pond care products include a variety of pond aerators that are designed to keep your pond clean and your aquatic life healthy.

Our goal is to help you keep your pond in pristine condition. Whether you’re in need of pond bacteria in the form of pond muck pellets or other pond care products, we have everything you need to keep your pond in perfect condition. Check out our large variety of pond care products or contact our pond specialists with any questions you may have on proper care for your pond at 866.471.1614.

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