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Pond Dye Benefits

  • June 20, 2013


Pond dye is typically applied in a concentrated amount and takes time to disperse, usually several hours.  Over the course of a single day it can change the appearance of water in your pond or lake.  What are the benefits of pond dyes?

  1. Algae Control – Pond dyes help filter sunlight in your pond water, which helps control the growth of algae and other weeds.  Controlling algae is a benefit for your fish, allowing them enough oxygen in your pond or lake.  Pond dyes offer a natural balance to your pond, allowing your fish to thrive.
  2. Appearance – Pond water color is determined by the geological makeup of the area.  It can be clear or muddy, brown or blue.  Pond dyes are available in several colors, blue being the most popular. When used they give the appearance of a clear blue lake or pond.
  3. Safe to use – If you follow the instructions, pond dyes are safe to use and are non-toxic.  They are safe for human use, fish and aquatic plants.  Most dyes do not discolor your ponds plants or fish.  Pond dyes will not interfere with herbicides or algaecides if you use these in your pond or lake.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers several options for pond dyes including Dry Lake & Pond Dyes, All Natural Black & Blue pond dyes, and Aquashade.  You can find out more about these products on our website.



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