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Pond Maintenance With a Floating Pond Fountain

  • January 20, 2022

Nothing offsets a gorgeous piece of land or a beautiful home or building like a pond. Some are nature-made, some are man-made, but all (when properly maintained) make perfect accents. If you’ve ever taken notice of these ponds, you’ve probably also noticed that most ponds, particularly those built for aesthetics, also include a floating pond fountain. While floating pond fountains certainly add to the ambiance created by these ponds, they’re actually serving a purpose beyond aesthetics.

In addition to contributing to the look, floating pond fountains help keep natural-made and man-made maintained and functioning properly, to an extent. A floating pond fountain is a great addition to your pond however, there are certain aspects of a pond that will determine if a more in-depth pond aerator is a better option for your pond’s maintenance.

Will a Floating Pond Fountain Work For Your Pond?

To determine if a pond fountain is the type of aerator for ponds that will work best for your pond maintenance, it’s important to understand the function of pond fountains. Considered a type of surface aeration, floating pond fountains float on the surface of the pond water, shooting out water which provides an incredible display while also pushing debris, algae, and plants to the edges of the pond making it easier for their removal. While they’re great additions for more reasons than one, floating pond fountains are limited in the amount of water they pull and mix as they can only suck water from their surroundings so they should only be used for ponds that are 4 to 5 feet deep.

If your pond is deeper than 6 to 8 feet, an underwater pond aerator such as a solar pond aerator may be the way to go. An underwater pond aerator sits at the bottom of a pond, utilizing a pump that connects two lines: an electrical cable and an airline. The pump sits on the land around the pond allowing the electrical line to connect to an electrical box. The airline runs from the pump into the water, connecting to the aerator. 

Oxygen is then injected into the water as well as removes bad gasses such as methane and sulfur dioxide by pushing them to the surface and out of the pond. Underwater pond aerators also break down organic sediment like muck allowing for bugs and microbes to consume it. Solar pond aerators are beneficial for anyone who does not have access to power (around the pond) or are looking to use green energy. 

If your pond contains fish or other types of aquatic life, an underwater pond aerator is going to be your best bet to maintain your pond and keep a healthy ecosystem. If your pond is more designed for aesthetics and is fairly shallow, a floating pond fountain will make a great addition to not only the look of your pond but the health of it. 

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we offer pond maintenance products and technical support nationwide, ensuring no matter where you are in the United States, your pond will receive superior service and attention. Contact us today at 866.471.1614 to learn more about our service, products, and how we can help you maintain your pond.

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