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Outdoor Water Solutions

Why Do I Need A Solar Pond Aerator?

If you have a pond, you know that stagnant water can cause unwanted bacteria, pests, as well as illnesses that can harm your fish. Having a pond aerator is essential to keep circulation of water and air inside your pond. The more oxygen you have the better off your...
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What is Pond Muck?

Have you ever swum in a pond that smells bad, and when you get out you have black goo on your feet and legs? If your pond does not have aeration, chances are Muck has been accumulating on your pond bed since its inception. But what exactly is Muck?...
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What Exactly is Algae?

Algae can be a problem for a lot of pond owners.  It can even grow on the bottom in late winter, early spring when you think it should be dormant.  It can be controlled with algaecides but the best option is to prevent it with a combination of pond...
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How do you Improve a Pond the Natural Way?

Improving Pond Water Quality the Natural Way Together with a team of seasoned biologists and water quality experts, OWS has created a simple, easy to use Pond Care System.  The three products included in the Pond Pack work together to help to prevent problems before they start! Today, many...
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3 Ways to get your Pond or Lake Ready For Spring

Check out these 3 Ways to Get Your Pond or Lake Ready for Spring! Is your pond or lake ready for spring? Now that the ice is gone, and spring is working its way across the country, it’s time to think about treating your pond. All ponds age and...
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4 Ways to Treat Spring and Summer Ponds

Now that the ice is gone and summer is here, it is time to think about treating your pond. All ponds age and as they age, they eventually accumulate black muck on the bottom which leads to excessive plant vegetation and algae issues. Why, because the bottom of most ponds is...
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Natural Algae Prevention

We recently had a question sent to us from a pond owner who is looking to prevent algae from growing and to combine “all natural” products with aeration. John Redd, Owner of Outdoor Water Solutions offered the following suggestions: Step 1:  Keep colorant in your pond year around.  It...
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7 Ways to Control Algae

7 Way to Control Algae It’s that time of the year, when winter is holding on ferociously, spring is around the corner, and summer is not far behind. As managers of lakes and ponds its time to reassess our annual algae and vegetation management plans/prescriptions. As a professional we...
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Outdoor Water Solutions Support!

Outdoor Water Solutions Support Have a technical question about one of our products?  Want to talk to a live person?  Outdoor Water Solutions is pleased to offer a dedicated technical support line, the first in our industry! Joshua Flowers has recently joined the Outdoor Water Solutions team as Technical...
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Pond Algae Control

Pond Algae Control Once you have a problem with pond algae, there are a couple of options for controlling the situation.  The most common is to add a copper based algaecide, either in dry or liquid form, to kill the visible algae.  You want to avoid not killing too...
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