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Outdoor Water Solutions

How do you Improve a Pond the Natural Way?

Improving Pond Water Quality the Natural Way Together with a team of seasoned biologists and water quality experts, OWS has created a simple, easy to use Pond Care System.  The three products included in the Pond Pack work together to help to prevent problems before they start! Today, many...
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3 Ways to get your Pond or Lake Ready For Spring

Check out these 3 Ways to Get Your Pond or Lake Ready for Spring! Is your pond or lake ready for spring? Now that the ice is gone, and spring is working its way across the country, it’s time to think about treating your pond. All ponds age and...
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Winterizing Your Pond or Lake

Well, it’s that time of year when fall is soon upon us, then the short cold days of winter.  If you own or manage a pond or lake, then you’re probably not thinking too much about “winterizing” it.  Nature will take just take its course until spring arrives.  However...
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Summer Pond and Lake Maintenance Ideas

Summer has arrived and the heat is on.  This heat allows us to enjoy many outdoor activities, but also can cause many problems in ponds and lakes with algae blooms, stratification, and fish kills. Read our summer pond and lake maintenance ideas. Outdoor Water Solutions has a full line...
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