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The Importance of Pond Aeration and Muck Pellets for Ponds

  • July 5, 2022

We’re fully in the throes of summer with high temperatures and little to no rain in some areas. Because of this, our ponds and aquatic life are taking a hit. Whether a pond is man-made or a natural body of water, if it’s located in a hot, dry area, it needs a little extra love and care to help it and your aquatic life remain healthy. Muck pellets for ponds and solar pond aerators are some of the best ways to keep your pond in top shape as well as help it survive during the brutal summer months.

If your pond has taken a beating this summer, this blog post is for you. We’re going to discuss the effects the heat can have on your pond as well as what options are available to help you maintain it. First, let’s begin with discussing what exactly muck is.

Muck and The Need For Muck Pellets

There are actually a few different contributing factors to the development of muck. Muck occurs when organic matter goes bad in your pond. This organic matter can be anything from animal and plant waste to dead leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and dead algae. In addition to affecting the aquatic life and aesthetics of your pond, it can also cause a strong rotten egg smell, especially in ponds that are not aerated and are in areas where water remains stagnant.

One of the best ways to eliminate muck in your pond is with a beneficial pond bacteria that comes in the form of muck pellets. Muck pellets for ponds work by sinking down to the bottom of the pond and consuming organic debris, improving the water’s clarity and creating a healthier environment for your aquatic life. Regular use of muck pellets for ponds is what we recommend to keep your pond clean and healthy.

Pond Aeration

The most essential component to the health of a body of water such as a pond is oxygen. A simple and effective way to increase oxygen levels in a pond is through pond aeration. A solar pond aeration system is a piece of equipment that’s designed to introduce dissolved oxygen into your pond, benefiting its quality and health.

There are different types of pond aerators to choose from. There are pond aerators that sit at the bottom of a pond, invisible to the naked eye, and there are floating pond aerators that not only maintain the health of your pond but also work great to add to the aesthetics of your pond.

For those whose pond is not located near a power source, there are solar pond aerators that are also available as floating solar pond fountains giving you the option to enhance the aesthetics of your pond in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. At Outdoor Water Solutions, we carry a variety of solar pond aerators including solar fountains providing you with several options when it comes to protecting and preserving your pond.

Don’t let the summer heat harm your aquatic life or take away from the beauty of your pond. For more information on maintaining the health of your pond and to learn more about our muck pellets for ponds and pond aeration products, contact us today at 866.471.1614!

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