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What Problems Are Caused By Poor Aeration?

  • November 5, 2021

Improving Pond Aeration

What causes the majority of pond problems? Well, about 90 percent of pond problems are caused by poor aeration. In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you can do to improve pond aeration. Specifically, we’ll look at the three main ways to aerate your pond: solar, electric, and wind. Moreover, we’ll also go over some of the benefits that each option offers. Choosing the right one for you can help to keep optimal aeration levels.

The Solar Aeration System

When it comes to solar pond aeration systems, it is always best to keep this setup in a wide-open space without any obstructions. Your main goal here is to get abundant sunshine to power your aeration system. You can also complement your solar aeration system by periodically cleaning your pond with skimmers. This would mainly be used to remove debris from the pond, such as tree branches and fallen leaves. Another benefit of using a solar aeration alternative is that you won’t have to use electricity from the grid. This will save you money.

The Electric Pond Aeration Setup

If you have a pond aeration system but still see a poor aeration cycle, you may need a bigger aeration setup. An electric pond aerator can give you large CFM output to accommodate the size of your pond. Another thing to look at is where the location of the pond is within the layout. If you have a solar aerator with obstructions in the way, the sun’s rays could be getting blocked from reaching the panels, resulting in weak energy output. In this case, the electric aeration system would be the way to go. Remember that you want to infuse a proper amount of oxygen levels to remove bad bacteria, keep algae levels balanced and have your pond life thriving.

Wind Aeration and Its Benefits

The wind aeration system is a clear alternative. It is considered to be environmentally friendly. If you still see poor aeration results from your aeration system, it could be that your pond needs a deep cleaning. Sometimes, even an aeration system won’t be able to clear out that deep-rooted algae, bacteria, and other forms of bad nutrients. You may need to drain your pond to dredge out that pond scum found at the bottom or apply pond chemicals when this happens. A wind aeration system is helpful because you’ll get a natural source of energy coming from the wind.

The Results

What are the results? Simply by using various methods together with aerating, you are sure to minimize the percentage of problems with your aeration unit. Using good bacteria and organic solutions to complement your pond aeration system is another idea you can consider. By doing this, you’ll be able to clean your pond much faster and efficiently. Because oxygen may take longer to reach the bottom of the pond, adding good bacteria to eat away at excessive nutrients may prove to be helpful. This will surely help to solve the problem of poor aeration in your pond.

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