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Wind Driven Aeration Systems

  • January 22, 2013

Outdoor Water Solutions Expands Line of Wind Driven Aeration Systems with a DIY Wood Kit

Outdoor Water Solutions, a Pond & Lake Products manufacturing company based out of Springdale, AR has announced an expanded line of wind driven aerators for the 2013 season.

John Redd, President, states “Outdoor Water Solutions is the leading manufacturer in the Wind Driven Aeration category, which is still a growing market.”  In 2012, we introduced a new line of wood windmills for our dealers to sell to their customers.    This product is made using a red cedar colored pressure treated pine which gives our towers a great look.

For 2013, we are expanding the line by offering a DIY (Do it Yourself) kit for those that want to build their own windmill towers.  This gives you or your customer the option to save some money or to use the wood of your choice (red cedar for example).

These kits come in several different versions.  They can be sold as either an ornamental or functional windmill.  They can also be galvanized or the head can be powder coated in a wide range of colors.  Accessories for the functional compressors include both weighted and non-weighted airline, a choice of air stone diffusers or low psi rubber membrane diffusers, ect.   Each kit comes with the windmill head, mounting brackets, tower hardware and full set of plans and cut sheets.  The only thing you’ll need is some wood.

You can view our complete product line online at www.Outdoorwatersolutions.com.  You can also request one of our color catalogs to look at the complete line of pond products, download the catalog online or contact Outdoor Water Solutions at 1-866-471-1614.  Expanding our network of full service dealers is our main focus.

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