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Outdoor Water Solutions

Windmill Compressors

  • July 24, 2018


Hello my name is John Red and I’m with Outdoor Water Solutions. Today I’d like about our windmill variation systems or some people would call them windmill aerators. There are several manufacturers out there and several of them import the product in the United States whereas ours are made in the United States and have it made in the United States designation. Most important part of a wind-driven aeration system is the compressor. Several of manufacturers out there can make towers can make windmill head and blades that attach to the tower but when you start to see major differences between the manufactures on compressor design. There are a couple of things that make the Outdoor Water Solutions compressors better than many competitors. The first thing the diaphragms. We use a larger substantially larger diaphragm which allows us to produce quite a bit more air than our competitors.  We also have larger check valves you can see the check valve on the bottom which is ours versus some of our competitors and again less restriction which means we produce two or three times more air. We also have a stainless steel crankshaft and cam on the inside which prevent rust. Quarter inch top steel plate and in grade 8 bolts on top. We use what we call our bow cam 2 technology which is basically where we’re taking a piston and centering on the crankshaft between two pillow block bearing. What that does is that spreads the workload across the compressor and it gives us a longer lifespan with less maintenance.  So all this basically means is that we’re comfortable offering a five year warranty and our compressors versus many of our competitors that offer 18 months to 3 years.

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