Large Metal Backyard Windmill

Outdoor Water Solutions

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  • Bear Hub Cap Galvanized Windmill Part. Round. Silver in color. Has a center hole and three smaller holes in the outer edge. On a transparent background.

    Backyard Windmill Bearing Nest

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  • Bearing Nest. Round. Silver. Has three small holes in the outer ring.

    Backyard Windmill Hub Cap (Dome)

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  • Two white windmill tower cone bushings on a white background.

    Backyard Windmill Tower Cone Bushings (2pk)

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  • A silver colored fan replacement bearing with small black screw.

    Fan Replacement Bearing

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  • A backyard windmill head connection bracket on a white background.

    Backyard Windmill Head Connection Bracket

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  • Windmill part. Black four sided object with a white circle on top.

    OWS Backyard Windmill Tower Cone

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  • A silver windmill fan and tail fin against a blue sky.

    30″ Large Replacement Fan (Blades Only)

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  • A 27" replacement windmill fan blade and hardware on a transparent background.

    30″ Front Head Assembly

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  • A silver windmill head and tail fin on a white paper background.

    30″ Complete Head

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