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From time to time we have a limited number of products that have been refurbished by us or are discontinued as we introduce newer models.  We also offer specials when have some excess inventory to sell.  These products all carry our full warranties and are in complete working order.  Some may just have a scratch or dent.  We’ll note the condition of each item and it’s history as we load it up for sale.  These items are usually 10-50% less than it’s original retail price and are priced to sell.

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  • Sale! A white bottle of All Natural Blue Pond Dye on a white background.

    All Natural Blue Pond Dye

    $24.95 Was $29.95
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  • Sale! A bucket of Lake and Pond Bacteria on a white background.

    Bacteria Pack

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  • A container of Lake and Pond Dye on a white background.

    Dry Pond Dye 12 Pack Case (No State Restrictions)

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  • Sale! Close up of a red and white Small Backyard Windmill on grass with trees in the background.

    Small Red & White Backyard Windmills

    $279.00 Was $369.00
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  • Sale! A windmill head in silver with red tips. In the background are trees and a house.

    Small Galvanized Backyard Windmill with Red Tips

    $299.00 Was $369.00
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  • Close up of a small, silver 4-legged windmill head against a blue sky.

    Large Backyard Galvanized Windmill

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  • A GAST 1/2 HP Replacement Compressor with hardware on a transparent background.

    GAST 1/2 HP Replacement Compressor Kit

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  • A floating pond fountain on a white background.

    1/2 HP Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line

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We Can Customize To Fit Your Need

Our windmill aeration systems can be customized for your particular farm, ranch, golf course, subdivision or park setting.

See What Our Customers Said...

Before I put up the windmill, I had a lot of pond scum or algae. Now, most of it is gone. We also love the way the windmill looks against the mountains in the background. It really adds a nice decorative touch to the area around the pond.

William ReeseRoseville, CA
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