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Green Monster Underwater Lights

Green Monster Dock and Fishing Lights

If you’re looking for the ultimate underwater light, then the Green Monster Underwater Fishing Light is the way to go. This is considered the premier underwater light in the pond and lake industry and the one all others strive to duplicate. This light has a patent pending waterproof design that will provide years of enjoyment around your dock or your pond!

Each Single Light Kit comes with a (6″ X 6″ X 4″) CONTROL BOX, which contains (1) PHOTO CELL, and (1) GFCI PLUG. This unit POWERS “ONE” GREEN MONSTER BULB. The Single Light Kit works great for those who want one light or those who wish to have multiple lights in multiple locations.

  • This is the Ultimate Underwater Fishing Light with a Patent Pending Waterproof Design
  • Uses an Energy Efficient 175 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb
  • Comes Complete with a GFCI Plug and a Photocell Timer
  • Attracts Bait Fish Which Attracts Bigger Fish
  • Great for Night Time Dock Lighting!
  • Green Monster Lights come with 50’, 75’ and 100’ Power Cords
  • Double Light Kits come with 50’/50’, 50’/75’, 75’/75’ and 100’/100’ Power Cords with one shared controller
  • 1 Year Warranty and Free Shipping on All Orders

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    Green Monster Fishing Light (Single) – Best in the Industry!

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  • Sale! This is a picture of the Green Monster Underwater double light.

    Green Monster Underwater Fishing Lights (Double)

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