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Full Size Ornamental Windmills

We Can Customize To Fit Your Property

If you’re looking for a windmill that is authentic and makes a statement, then the Outdoor Water Solutions line of large Ornamental windmills is the way to go. We can customize almost any windmill to fit your property and can go from as short as 15′ up to 27′ in height.

Towers can be configured in 3-or 4-legged setups and come in your choice of galvanized steel or wood. All can be powder coated in your choice of colors, including any sports team colors. We can also customize your tailfin with decals or removable magnets with your farm’s logo, or if you are a real fan, your favorite team!

Why add an ornamental windmill? - Outdoor Water Solutions

Why add an ornamental windmill?

Ornamental windmills have a huge nostalgia factor. They are a throwback to a simpler time. They look great in your yard and are an excellent statement piece. You are sure to attract attention to your property when you install a customized ornamental windmill. This line is full-size, so you know it will attract plenty of attention. Because these are full-size ornamental windmills, you have plenty of room around the base to plant flowers or add other decorations. These windmills are so versatile and work well with a plethora of outdoor decoration styles. We can powder-coat any of the windmills to make yours truly stand out. Our team can help you pick just the right color combination for your yard. Plus, these ornamental windmills are available in three and four-legged options, depending on your preferred aesthetic. Since they come in a range of sizes from 16′ to 27′, you will find one to tower over your property and create a feeling of home. You really can’t go wrong with one of our ornamental windmills.

See What Our Customers Said...

Before I put up the windmill, I had a lot of pond scum or algae. Now, most of it is gone. We also love the way the windmill looks against the mountains in the background. It really adds a nice decorative touch to the area around the pond.

William ReeseRoseville, CA
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