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The Benefits of Bottom Diffused Aeration

  • July 14, 2021

Knowing Your Aeration System

A lot goes into caring for a pond. One of the most important things you need to have for a pond is aeration. It is also good to know that there are two different types of pond aeration, which are surface and bottom aeration. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of using a bottom diffused aeration system. In a nutshell, this type of aerating system is said to produce better results for the overall quality of the pond.

An Efficient Way to Aerate Your Pond

The purpose of an aerator is to distribute oxygen throughout the water. One of the most significant benefits of a bottom aerator is that it is more efficient at evenly distributing these oxygen levels compared to a surface aerator. An even distribution will mean cleaner and clearer waters for the entire pond area. You won’t have to deal with spots that are left untreated. Another benefit that you can get from a bottom diffused aeration system is keeping temperature levels balanced throughout the water column. As the bubbles begin to form at the bottom and float upwards, they will create oxygen levels, not just at the bottom but through the entire pond, including the surface.

Better for Older Ponds

Ponds that haven’t had proper aeration could have a large amount of pond muck, algae, and other types of debris. With time, the pond muck will tend to sink to the bottom of the pond and stay stuck. When this happens, a bottom diffused aeration system would be your best bet. This is because the main force and power of the diffuser will come from the bottom, which means the water will circulate more at the bottom. Moreover, the aeration will break down the muck stuck at the bottom of the pond much faster and with quality results.

Ideal for Fish and Other Pond Life

Remember that a proper aeration system will have your pond looking clean and help keep pond life, such as fish,  thriving. A bottom diffused aeration system will circulate the water deep inside the pond where fish swim, giving them a high oxygen level. A properly aerated pond is also beneficial for plant life located around the pond. Simply by keeping your pond clean, you will encourage healthy growth for your plants. Otherwise, a pond that doesn’t have aeration would create a dirty environment that could slow down growth or even kill the plant life around the pond.

Getting the Most Out of Your Bottom Aerator

To see the results you want for your pond, you will have to invest in the right bottom diffused aeration system. One way to have proper bottom diffused aeration is to install an electric aeration system. You can find the perfect aeration system by doing some calculations. Some of the things you can consider are the size of the pond, surface area, depth, and potential areas of concern. This can help you determine which aeration system would work best for you. If you have a deep pond or lake, a Deep Pond Electric Aeration AerMaster Pro is what you need. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all sizes of ponds and lakes.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers high-quality pond & lake aerators (solar, electric & wind) and aeration windmill systems, fish feeders, fountains, and all-natural pond care products. Please email or call us at 866.471.1614 and we can provide you with a detailed quote and can even help you design the best solar aeration system for your needs.

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