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Advantages of a Solar Fountain vs. Electric Fountain

  • April 23, 2021

Pond Aeration

Pond aeration is important when it comes to maintaining the health of your pond and its inhabitants. Aeration provides oxygen to the water, which is essential for maintaining fish and other life in your pond as well as controlling algae and weeds. Because of the constant water circulation, this aeration keeps pests (like mosquitos) from breeding in your pond.

Floating Pond Fountains

When choosing how to aerate your pond, you have many options available to you. Floating pond fountains are a great option if you want the function of aeration while visually elevating the look of your pond. Whether you want to add a fountain to your golf course, resort, subdivision, public, municipal facility or residence, Outdoor Water Solutions has you covered.

Why Choose a Solar Powered Pond Aeration System?

When weighing your options for aeration methods, solar aeration is considered one of the best. Solar floating pond fountains convert energy from the sun to electricity by capturing the energy and channeling it to an inverter. Because solar floating pond fountains rely on solar energy, they are not dependent on electricity to operate adding many benefits to the system.

Solar Powered vs Electric Powered

An advantage that solar fountains have over electric fountains is that they eliminate the challenge of having to locate access to electricity and the hassle of running power lines to operate the fountain. This makes solar fountains the ideal choice when trying to aerate a pond in a more rural area. Not to mention, that the solar aeration system is easier to set up when compared to aeration systems powered by electricity. To take full advantage of the sun’s power ensure that the system is installed away from potential obstructions that could block sunlight from reaching the solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Energy

The most obvious benefit of solar power is that you don’t have to worry about its electricity bill at the end of the month. Solar fountains save you money by generating their own electricity from sunlight without on-going costs. Additionally, they are easier to install, eco-friendly, and safer for the environment!

Find the Right Fountain for Your Pond

These fountains are constructed using high quality pumps, motors and controllers designed to operate when others will not. Through our intense product testing, we provide the most efficient technology available allowing for more run time than others systems on the market. Get smart with energy-saving solar powered pond fountains for your golf course, resort, subdivision, public or municipal facility or residence.

If you’re looking for a fountain and don’t have ready access to power or just want to operate using solar power instead of electricity, then you need one of our new solar powered fountains.  We use a state of the art controller to convert the sun’s DC power to AC power to run the fountain.  This is a direct drive system which means it will run during the daylight hours. Contact us at 1 855.990.2446 or email sales@outdoorwatersolutions.com for more information or to find a dealer near you.

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