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Fish Attractors

Bringing Habitat

Each of the products listed below has been developed to be “GREEN.” Each comes from recycled material, whether from recycled house siding or plastic, or other materials. They’re also 100% non-toxic and safe to fish and the pond environment.

Why is a fish attractor is good for your pond?

A fish attractor is key to growing healthy, large fish. If you want to have the largest, healthiest fish, you need to add a habitat or three to your lake or pond. A fish attractor is designed to give your fish a place to grow. To have large fish, you need to provide a safe habitat which most ponds or lakes lack. One of the best things about adding a fish attractor to your pond is that it promotes a healthy balance of phytoplankton and algae. Plus, our attractors are versatile and can be placed horizontally or hung vertically depending on the needs of your pond.

Most ponds are missing one thing - Habitat! - Outdoor Water Solutions
Best Fish Structures At The Best Price

Most ponds are missing one thing - Habitat!

We’ve been working on finding the best fish structures we can find at the best price. These fish attractors do an exceptional job of protecting small baitfish and providing structure for larger fish. If you’re looking for big crappie, big bluegill, or big bass, then these are the answer.

One of the limiting factors to growing more fish and bigger fish in 95% of the ponds and lakes is HABITAT! or a lack thereof. Think about it – if you want to grow more quail, more pheasants, more deer, or more of anything, you need more habitat. Fish need food and cover to grow bigger. The more habitat you have in your pond, the more fish you’ll have and the bigger they’ll be.

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We have been very pleased with the appearance and function of the windmill aerator. We have received numerous positive comments on the system from both members and guests. It is a great addition to our environmental programs and I look forward to adding more of the windmill systems to our golf course where running hydro to run pump systems is cost prohibitive.

Dean PillerSuperintendent, Cordova Bay Golf Course Victoria, BC
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