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Custom windmills

Many Windmill Option Available

Want to customize your windmill head? We can also powder coat your windmill head in your choice of colors and can do a personalized tailfin to make it stand out.

Lastly, we have a retrofit kit that can speed up the mounting process if you have an older tower than needs a new head. Each of ours comes with a 2″ mounting pipe or pivot tube that can be welded or bracketed into your windmill tower.

Windmill Heads

Functional For All Purposes

Are you looking for a windmill head? Maybe yours blew down or you have an old time windmill tower that needs the head replaced. Either way, we offer complete windmill heads that can be functional for pond aeration or can just be purely Ornamental.

A lot of older aeration windmills on the market, manufactured by companies like Koenders, Superior and other companies will need to be replaced at some point in time.  The heads might have blown off or maybe the windmill fell over and damaged the head or possibly the compressor is worn out and not pumping air.  Our replacement windmill heads will fit any windmill with a standard 2” inside diameter tower cone.  You just take off the old head and insert the new one.  Each comes with our BalCam II Technology designed to pump more air with less stress on your bearings and come with our 5 year compressor warranty (the longest in the industry!)

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