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Ice Away

The accumulation of pond ice during the winter months can lead to various issues for boats, dock pilings, boathouses, as well as for ponds supporting fish and wildlife. With our scientifically engineered high speed propeller, our pond de icer lifts 500 gallons of water per minute upward to the surface of the pond, simultaneously drawing the warmer water from below. Our pond de icer has a uniquely designed motor mount/diffuser which redirects water flow outward creating a much larger coverage area vs. competitors.

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  • Ice-Away De-Icer

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Our Pond De Icer Advantage

  • Eco Friendly Motor - Outdoor Water Solutions

    Eco Friendly Motor

    No Oil Required
    Stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible water-cooled motor.
  • Maintenance-Free - Outdoor Water Solutions


    No Seals or Bearings to Maintain
    There are no seals or bearings to fail and can move 500 gallons of pond water per minute.
  • Limited Two-year Warranty - Outdoor Water Solutions

    Limited Two-year Warranty

    Outstanding Customer Service
    We stand behind our products and have outstanding customer support if needed.
Prevent Ice Damage and Improve Pond Water Quality - Outdoor Water Solutions
Ice-Away De-Icer Draws Warmer Water Upwards

Prevent Ice Damage and Improve Pond Water Quality

The Ice-Away De-Icers from Outdoor Water Solutions effectively circulates warm bottom water to create a protective ice-free zone around your boat, dock, pier, or waterfront property. This not only safeguards your watercraft and structures but also supports fish and aquatic life by facilitating oxygen exchange within the water.

The Outdoor Water Solutions Ice-Away De-Icer system can be suspended from a vessel, dock, or other flotation device, strategically positioned to transfer warmer pond water from deeper channels to the shallower areas where your boat is secured. This proactive approach helps shield your boat and dock from potential damage caused by ice jacking, as well as the destructive effects of ice expansion, such as shearing and crushing.

Ice-Away Versus Others - Outdoor Water Solutions
The Original Pond De Icer

Ice-Away Versus Others

When you compare it to similar products, you’ll quickly discover why the Outdoor Water Solutions Ice-Away De-Icer stands head and shoulders above anything else available. Here are a few of the features:

  • Stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible motor (water cooled, water lubricated, U.L. recognized, C.S.A. certified)
  • Eco friendly motor (no oil required)
  • No long shafts to bend or become out of balance: 5/8” diameter, 1-1/2” long motor shaft
  • No seals or bearings to maintain
  • Computer designed, high speed, foul resistant propeller
  • Exclusive flow directing diffuser
  • 1/2 hp, 500 gpm (available in 115- volt, 12.0 amps or 230-volt, 6.0 amps)
  • (2) 10’ sling ropes provided
  • Limited two-year warranty
  • Backed by our outstanding customer service

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See What Our Customers Said...

I installed a 20 foot, 3-legged windmill at my farm pond a couple years ago from Outdoor Water Solutions and it works GREAT! Love it.

Chuck Grubbs
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