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Solar Fountains - Outdoor Water Solutions
Our Innovative Solar Fountain Product Line - Outdoor Water Solutions
Energy-Saving Solar Powered

Our Innovative Solar Fountain Product Line

We are excited to release our innovative solar fountain product line. These solar fountains work by capturing energy from the sun and channeling it to an inverter, where the energy is converted to electricity to power your floating pond fountain. Our solar fountain line is one of the first high-quality fountains to hit the market, and offers an added benefit of a lower electric bill that can typically cost you $300 or more per month.

Get smart with energy-saving solar powered pond fountains for your golf course, resort, subdivision, public or municipal facility or residence.

100% Solar Energy - Outdoor Water Solutions
No Electricity Required

100% Solar Energy

The Outdoor Water Solutions line of solar floating pond fountains does not need nor require electricity, relying 100% on solar energy to operate. For golf courses and private ponds, owners and managers often find it challenging to locate access to electricity to power their fountains, and the hassle and expense of running power lines to the edge of a pond is unfitting for modernized pond or lake features. In fact, if power is running to the site, it is likely that the voltage is insufficient to operate larger, more impressive fountain displays.

The design and structure of our solar fountains are ideal because they will enhance and improve the enjoyment of your water feature, while saving you time and money! No longer do you need to go through the trouble of turning the switch on and off to power your fountain. No longer do you have to worry about the electricity bill and power lines running your fountain system.

No Ongoing Electric Costs

The most impressive reason to invest in solar fountains is their ability to lower costs! For homeowner associations and private entities it can be a hassle to pay a monthly electric bill or to divide the cost between multiple parties. With our line of solar fountains, there is no ongoing electric cost and no need to divvy up the electricity payments!

 - Outdoor Water Solutions

Aerating and Display Solar Fountain Options

Our floating solar-powered fountain models are capable of providing amazing displays to enhance the beauty of your pond as well as provide aeration and circulation to increase dissolved oxygen levels and mitigate your ponds nutrient load.

Highly Effective with an Eco-Friendly Design

Not only are solar fountains an attractive feature to your space, they are also highly effective with an eco-friendly design that is both low profile and offers energy-efficient operation. Assembly is easy and simple. These fountain features are both high-quality and durable, making longevity of the product a great investment for customers.


5 Different Water Effects - Outdoor Water Solutions
Get The Complete Look & Feel You Desire

5 Different Water Effects

To complete the look and feel you desire of your solar fountain, change up the nozzle heads with your choice of up to 5 nozzle patterns for different water effects.

Spray patterns are one of the most unique and eye-catching features of your solar fountains. Throughout the year, changing out the spray nozzle is easy and secure with the added benefit of beautifying your pond or lake. The Aerify and Palatial Solar Fountains are the solution to your worries- contact us for full details, pricing, and ordering information today!

Built for Ease of Installation and Operation! - Outdoor Water Solutions

Built for Ease of Installation and Operation!

All solar fountains will utilize high-quality pumps, motors, and solar panels!

The solar panel array is sold pre-cut and pre-drilled into mounting frames. For connecting the panels, there is an adjustable angle-mounting bracket on the back of the panels which will allow customers to install, remove, or disconnect quickly and with ease. OWS also guarantees these highly efficient solar panels will have a 15-year warranty.

The fountain design includes a “drop in” style power drive assembly allowing the installer to easily place the fountain in the float and mooring into position. The hardest part of this installation is digging a hole for the provided mounting pole!


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