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Solar Aeration Battery Back Up

Off Grid Solution for Pond Aeration

Outdoor Water Solutions Solar Pond Aeration Battery Back Up for solar pond aeration systems is designed to aerate at night or during extended periods of poor weather.  These solar aeration units have three days of battery life and can operate up to 20 hours a day. Never worry about your pond’s aeration again with our Solar Aeration System’s convenience with Battery Back Up.

Our Solar Aeration Battery Back Up system allows your pond to be environmentally friendly while still having the aeration you need at night. You can put the sun to work for you in the daytime and use the battery back up during the night, so your pond stays healthy and clean all the time. Even when the weather is terrible for an extended time, our batter back up system has the capacity to keep you keep your pond aerated. With three days of battery life from this back up system, you can put the sun to work for you with the peace of mind that the battery is there when the sun takes a day off.

Why Should I Get A Battery Back Up? - Outdoor Water Solutions
Maintain Continuous Aeration

Why Should I Get A Battery Back Up?

A battery backup is an excellent option for anyone in the market for a solar pond aerator. The sun does not shine at night so having a battery backup, especially in winter months when the days are shorter, allows for continuous aeration. Plus, our battery back up system is excellent for maintaining continuous aeration for your pond when the weather turns nasty. Having proper aeration is essential for your pond’s ecosystem, so a week of rain and clouds can hinder your pond’s health. Using a battery back up system gives you peace of mind no matter what the weather throws at you.

Complete Solar Pond Aeration Systems - Outdoor Water Solutions
Can Operate Up To 20 hours A Day

Complete Solar Pond Aeration Systems

These are complete solar pond aeration systems that include high-efficiency solar panels, a charge controller, energy efficient compressor, programmable digital timers and a fully adjustable aluminum manifold housed in an attractive 100% recycled plastic cabinet.

Each solar pond aeration system includes self-weighted tubing to sink to the bottom of your pond along with a self-cleaning, non-clogging diffuser with a lifetime warranty.

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