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Windmill Accessories

Aeration Accessories

We manufacture and sell a wide range of accessories that can go on our windmills and most other aeration windmills on the market. Products include maintenance kits, a small and medium pond accessory kit, tower hinges, a wood windmill anchor kit, and many other products.

These accessories are designed to protect your windmill, provide routine maintenance, and replace parts that may have worn out with time or because of extreme conditions. If your windmill needs any replacement parts, Outdoor Water Solutions is proud to offer the quality you have come to expect. These accessories help you get the most out of your windmill aeration system.

Why Use Windmill Aeration

Windmill aeration is ideal for a location where solar aeration is not practical or running electric is not realistic.  Our windmill aeration systems are suitable for any location free from trees, buildings, and other obstacles. The massive 73″ head is designed to turn in even low wind situations. Plus, the front dome and blade have been recently redesigned for better airflow. This keeps your pond or lake aerated even on those balmy summer days. Standing an impressive 27′, the windmill can capture winds you don’t even notice. To put that in context, at 27′, you will notice tree leaves rustling in the breeze even when you cannot feel it at ground level. Plus, you never have to worry about the wind blowing too hard. Our self-governing head protects against over-turning caused by high winds. Our compressors have you covered with a full 5-year warranty on cams and bearings. When you install a windmill aeration system, you can put mother nature to work for you and allow her to aerate your pond! A windmill aeration system helps keep your pond clean and clear and helps ensures your fish population is healthy.

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