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Outdoor Water Solutions

Welcome to the Outdoor Water Solutions Video Channel! Want to know more about our windmills and aeration systems?  See our many videos below which explain our many systems.

About Outdoor Water Solutions

  • Who is Outdoor Water Solutions?
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    Windmill Aeration Installation

Windmill Aeration System Installation Guide

  • Windmill Aeration System: Complete Installation
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 1
    Introduction and Tower Assembly
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 2
    Windmill Head Assembly
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 3
    Attaching The Windmill Head
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 4
    Compressor Installation
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 5
    Securing the Airline
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 6
    Raising & Anchoring the Windmill
  • Windmill Installation: Chapter 7
    Airstone Installation

About Our Products

  • Solar Pond Aerations
  • Pond Aeration Animation
  • Fish and Game Feeder
  • Aeration Windmill
  • 250lbs. Texas Hunter Fish Feeder
  • Electric Pond Aerator

Product FAQs

  • Why Aeration?
  • How To Clean Your Pond

We Can Customize To Fit Your Need

Our windmill aeration systems can be customized for your particular farm, ranch, golf course, subdivision or park setting.

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