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Electric Aerators - Outdoor Water Solutions
We offer two different lines of AerMaster™ Electric Aerators - Outdoor Water Solutions
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We offer two different lines of AerMaster™ Electric Aerators

Outdoor Water Solutions is proud to offer two different lines of AerMaster™ Electric Aerators for all of your pond aeration or lake aeration needs. Each product line is designed for your pond or lake’s various needs, depending on the depth and size. All provide oxygen for bottom aeration or bottom diffused aeration, which helps eliminate stratification, algae, odor, and fish kills. We manufacture pond aerators for many purposes, including helping with algae. The shallow pond aerators all carry a 2-year warranty, and our deep pond aerators have a full 3-year warranty! Our aluminum cabinet is powder-coated and includes a lifetime warranty against rust.

Shallow Pond Electric Aerators - Outdoor Water Solutions
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Shallow Pond Electric Aerators

Great for shallow ponds, lagoons, septic tanks, or other places where you need aeration and are looking for the most affordable way to get it.  These systems utilize a Linear Diaphragm compressor to aerate ponds up to 8 or 10′ deep at their deepest point. We offer three options here, ranging from 1.5 CFM to 7.0 CFM. These are affordable pond aeration systems that can help clean ponds as long as they’re not over 10′ deep.

Deep Pond Electric Aerators - Outdoor Water Solutions
Available in 230v and 115v

Deep Pond Electric Aerators

These systems can provide pond aeration or lake aeration on waters ranging from 3′ up to 30′ or even 40′ deep.  We offer seven different models ranging from 1/4 hp up to double 3/4 hp.  All are mounted inside of a powder-coated Aluminum cabinet with circulating fans, 115v plug in’s and offering a three-year warranty!  These are high-quality systems that work great!

Why go electric?  - Outdoor Water Solutions

Why go electric?

Electric Aeration Systems are the workhorse of the aeration family. Aeration is critical for ponds and lakes of all sizes, and electric aeration is best for deep ponds and lakes. With electric aeration, you don’t have to wonder if you have enough power to aerate your pond thoroughly. Even if your pond is 40′ deep, our electric aeration systems are powerful enough to aerate it completely.

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The windmill has worked excellent for algae control. I have not had any fish kills since putting in the windmill. I assembled and installed the windmill myself. Outdoor Water Solutions staff exhibited tremendous customer service going out of their way to make sure everything was correct.

Margerna EllisWalnut Grove, Mississippi
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