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Shallow Pond Electric Aerators

Our Shallow Pond Electric Aerators all carry a 2-Year Warranty!

Electric aeration is a reliable way to continually aerate your pond without interruption. Sometimes, you don’t have room to install a large windmill to aerate your pond, and if your pond is in a shady area, getting a solar aerator may not be an option. That is where electric aeration comes in! Our shallow pond aerators have a small footprint, perfect if you are looking for a compact solution to your aeration needs; we have you covered.

If your pond is 8′ or less, then consider our line of Shallow Pond Electric Aerators. They all carry a 2-Year Warranty and are very high quality!

How to pick the perfect electric aerator.  - Outdoor Water Solutions

How to pick the perfect electric aerator.

To pick the right size electric aerator, you need to know your pond’s depth and size. If your pond is 8′ or less at its deepest point, a shallow pond aerator is perfect for you. If your pond is ½ acre or smaller, our smallest electric pond aerator is the right size for you. If it is up to 1 acre, our AerMaster LD 4.0 Electric Aerator is the right fit for you. And if your is up to 1.5 acres, the AerMaster LD 7.0 Electric Aerator is the perfect size for you. By measuring the size and depth of your pond, you can ensure the proper amount of aeration for your environment.

Why Pick Electric Aeration?  - Outdoor Water Solutions

Why Pick Electric Aeration?

Discover the key to a cleaner and healthier pond or lake with aeration, a safe, natural, and sustainable solution. Aeration enriches your pond with vital oxygen, benefiting not only your fish’s survival but also enhancing your pond’s overall ecosystem. Experience the advantages of aeration as your pond becomes clearer, cleaner, and less prone to bottom muck. Elevate your pond’s health effortlessly with our energy-efficient, easy-to-install electric aerators.

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