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Air Diffusers

Aeration Accessories

Outdoor Water Solutions manufactures a wide range of air diffusers.  Our traditional ceramic airstone is very popular, especially for windmills but our latest rubber membrane diffusers are rapidly becoming a key component of most systems due to their self-cleaning maintenance free design.

The ceramic airstone works great for smaller ponds and lakes. It produces a stream of air bubbles to aerate your lake or pond from the bottom to the top. However, the rubber membrane diffuser is the latest technology and works well for larger, deeper ponds and lakes. It produces much smaller bubbles that remain intacted much higher in the air column. This allows the air bubbles to travel further from the membrane to provide more aeration for your pond or lake.

What is the difference between an airstone diffuser and a rubber membrane diffuser?

The airstone diffuser and the rubber membrane diffuser both serve the same purpose; they provide aeration for your lake or pond. However, how they do it and what size they work best in is very different. The airstone diffuser can be quite convenient because it can easily be installed. The airstone diffusers can are more affordable, but they provide less oxygen. The rubber membrane is more expensive but offers more oxygen with smaller bubbles.  The airstone diffuser can be ideal for smaller ponds. The rubber membrane is an ideal solution for bigger ponds. This is because more bubbles are created and transported throughout the water, which makes more oxygen for your aquatic environment. It can also be argued that the airstone diffuser creates about the same amount of oxygen. The airstone diffuser gives off bigger bubbles and a sufficient oxygen level as the bubbles pop. To reiterate, both options are good, but your investment would depend on the price, maintenance frequency, and size of the pond.

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