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Windmill that Makes a Statment

Available in Multiple Options

These are available in multiple options.  We can ship you the complete aeration windmill or as an Ornamental windmill and you can put it together.  We can make these with a galvanized head or we can powder coat the head and offer a customized tailfin.  We can also make these with either one or two airstone diffusers.  Lastly, we sell these as a kit if you want to purchase your wood locally.  The kit comes with the complete head, all mounting brackets, connectors, bolts, screws and a full set of instructions for how to cut your wood and build the tower.  Lastly, we offer several mounting options, from a set of screw in earth anchors to a set of concrete anchors that can go on a pad or on 12” pilings.

Wood Windmills

Functional For All Purposes

Want a more Nostalgic look and feel? Our new wooden windmill towers are a masterpiece in design. Manufactured in the U.S. with a stained pressure treated wood, this windmill will look great for a long time! Assembled height of the windmill and head is 19′.  The legs are 4” x 4” lumber with 1” x 4” cross braces.  The maintenance platform is constructed out of 2” x 4” pressure treated wood and looks great connected to the windmill tower.  All screws and hardware are either hot dipped galvanized or treated for use with pressure treated wood insuring your windmill will stand for a long time.  All mounting plates are powder coated to prevent rust.

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