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Commercial Quality Fountains

These are Commercial Quality Fountains

Everything on our Classic Series – Commercial Quality™ Fountains is top of the line, no exceptions! We use the best Pumps & Motors, Stainless Steel Frames, SS lights, full high end Control Panels. These are made to outperform other manufacturer’s fountains and carry a full 4 year warranty on the pumps and motors.

Floating pond fountains provide both a beautiful tranquil view and aeration of stagnant water to reduce algae growth. An outdoor pond fountain increases oxygen levels in the water which is needed for healthy fish and other pond inhabitants. Our floating pond fountains are perfect for both residential lakes and pond or commercial ponds, like on a golf course.

Classic Fountain Specs

Fountain Size Voltage Amps Optional Light Kit Fountain Dimensions Nova Equinox Neutron Jupiter
¾ HP 230V Single 8 (2) LED
Height 16′ 22′ 20′ 18′
Width 42′ 10′ 40′ 42′
Fountain Size Voltage Amps Optional Light Kit Fountain Dimensions Nebula Spectrum Orion Sirius Tornado Tornado Plus Geyser
1½ HP 230V Single 12 (2) LED
Height 19′ 19′ 21′ 21′ 12′ 16′
Width 27′ 21′ 30′ 32′ 40′ 36′
2 HP 230V Single 14 (4) LED
Height 21′ 20′ 22′ 22′ 15′ 18′
Width 30′ 23′ 32′ 36′ 42′ 38′
3 HP 230V Single 16 (4) LED
Height 24′ 22′ 24′ 24′ 16′ 21′
Width 50′ 30′ 45′ 40′ 45′ 45′
5 HP 230V Single 28 (4) LED
Height 29′ 29′ 30′ 31′ 18′ 26′
Width 75′ 41′ 80′ 81′ 70′ 65′
Classic™ Series Fountains - Outdoor Water Solutions
High Efficiency And Great Reliability

Classic™ Series Fountains

Outdoor Water Solutions has developed the Classic™ Series of high performance fountains. This new line is recognized for high efficiency and great reliability while keeping it’s life cycle cost low. These floating pond fountains are designed to have a long life in the roughest conditions.

Pump and Motor

  • Industry’s best submersible pump and motor (Made in the U.S.A.) 230v Single Phase
  • 100% stainless steel components to resist corrosion
  • Optimized hydraulics that increase performance and efficiency
  • Octagonal bearings protect against abrasive particles


  • Full industry leading 4 year warranty on the pump and motor
  • 3 year warranty on the floats and power cables
  • 2 year warranty on the control panels and lights
Designed To Have A Long Life - Outdoor Water Solutions
Durability Through The Roughest Conditions

Designed To Have A Long Life

Flotation Assembly

  • All new high strength stainless steel frame
  • High density polyethylene floats with full UV protection
  • Large profile stainless steel cage that fully encases the pump and motor
  • Low profile display heads with interchangeable nozzles
  • Easy access to both the pump and motor for maintenance

Lights (Optional)

  • Low voltage long lasting energy efficient LED lights
  • Stainless steel housing with tempered glass lenses
  • Separate timer for lights

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