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Bacteria Packs & Clarifiers

Pond Products

Treat your pond naturally with OWS Lake & Pond Bacteria packs! They break down organic matter and any surplus of nutrients which limits algae growth and leads to a clean pond.

What Makes Ours Better? - Outdoor Water Solutions
5 Way Blend Formula

What Makes Ours Better?

What makes ours better than other bacteria products on the market?  First is concentration.  We use 2 Billion CFU’s per gram of bacteria.   Most other companies only use a 1B formulation to save money.  We also use a 5 way blend of microbes formulated specifically for ponds and lakes.  These strains are highly active at breaking down organic matter and are used extensively in the wastewater treatment industry. Lastly, with our dry formulation, we can get 20-50x more active bacteria in the package than you can with a liquid bacteria product.

Ask before you purchase someone else’s product what their concentration is and how many strains of microbes they use.  Many suppliers don’t know and if they do, they won’t tell you.

Our all natural OWS Lake & Pond Clarifier helps to tie up excess nutrients like phosphorous which feeds algae.  It can also help improve water clarity.

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