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OWS Solar Pond Fountains

Direct Drive Systems

Outdoor Water Solutions has developed our proprietary line of Solar Fountains featuring our unique Direct Drive™ (DD) Technology.  We offer both aerating and display fountains for your enjoyment.

Aerating fountains are designed to add much needed oxygen to ponds and work great on ponds < 8′ in depth.  Display fountains are designed to look good with multiple nozzle options for you to chose from.  Both can operate in shallow ponds and retention ponds and are 100% solar powered.

OWS Line of Solar Floating Fountains - Outdoor Water Solutions
We Provide The Most Efficient Technology Available

OWS Line of Solar Floating Fountains

These fountains are constructed using high quality pumps, motors and controllers designed to operate when others will not. Through our intense product testing, we provide the most efficient technology available allowing for more run time than others systems on the market.

Benefits of Solar

  • Eco friendly by operating with sun with no batteries to maintain and dispose of.
  • Saves cost by not running power cable and paying a monthly bill
  • Designed for Off Grid applications
  • Direct Drive Controller allows system to operate in lower light
  • High output solar panels
  • Pre-cut fabricated solar mounting racks to make installation easier
  • Includes quick disconnects to make assembly much easier
  • Customer will need to purchase mounting poles locally
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