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Beneficial Microbes

  • June 9, 2020

Microbial life is the most abundant form of life on earth. These organisms can be single-celled or a cluster of multiple cells, but their defining trait is that they are all invisible to the naked eye. Only with the assistance of a microscope are we then able to truly begin to understand what these organisms are and what role they play in our lives. When discussing microorganisms, generally pathogenic microbes are the first to come to mind such as viruses, bacteria, and harmful fungi. But, the number of neutral or even beneficial microbes outweigh pathogens substantially. As humans, we rely on a myriad of microorganisms in our intestines and elsewhere to live happy, healthy lives. If these microbes become unbalanced or substituted with the incorrect species, a host of problems can arise in a persons life. Thus, we have no choice but to forge a symbiotic relationship with the unseen world. This collaboration between the micro and macroscopic world exists in every ecosystem known on earth, including ponds and lakes.

Outdoor Water Solutions Bacteria

Much like humans, waterbodies need the appropriate strains of microorganisms present to be conducive for life. Fortunately, we have been able to isolate different strains of bacteria, specifically Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt, that can provide immense benefits to your waterbody. This species of bacteria has been widely used across several industries due to some of its characteristics. Naturally found in soil, this bacterium is extensively used in wastewater treatment plants due to its ability to decompose organic material such as fats, proteins, and nutrients that accumulate in water overtime. The stagnant organic matterwill slowly leach nutrients into the water such as phosphorus and nitrogen, leading to eutrophic conditions. When water becomes nutrient rich, unwanted plant and algae growth will inevitably follow. By supplementing this bacterium, we can take the natural process of decomposition and accelerate it, lowering the organic matter and nutrient concentration in your waterbody.

Most microorganisms are either aerobic or anaerobic, meaning they either require oxygen to function, or require a lack of oxygen to function. Bt is considered a Facultative Anaerobe meaning it can respire with or without oxygen. This is important because many waterbodies are not properly aerated, so some waterbodies will lack oxygen on the bottom, while aerated ponds will have oxygen present. In either case, whether you have an aeration system present or not, our bacterial blend will work for you.

Outdoor Water Solutions Bacteria – Outdoor Water Solutions is proud to offer the highest quality bacteria in the marketplace. Our proprietary blend contains 5 different strains of Bt that were chosen with ponds and lakes in mind. Several things make our product stand out from other competitors, one being the concentration of bacterium. Due to our dry barley straw blend, we are able produce 2 Billion CFU’s per gram of bacteria, whereas most other companies are only able to establish 1 Billion. This dry blend allows us to get 20-50x more active bacteria in the package than possible with a competing liquid product. On top of the higher concentration, the ease of application is unmatched. Our formulation is packaged in water-soluble bags that will quickly dissolve, releasing the bacterium into the waterbody.

Application – Your beneficial bacteria will come in individually wrapped bags in a larger bucket. Before application, you will want to ensure that your water temperature is not below 50 °F. Below this temperature, the bacteria becomes dormant and will not decompose at its optimal rate. For the first treatment of the year, it is recommended doing what is called a “shock” treatment. The normal dose is two bags for every quarter acre, or 8 bags per acre. For your shock treatment, you will want to double this, making it 16 bags per acre. In doing so, you are giving the bacteria the best chance of colonizing and remaining in the water column. After this, you will want to do the normal dose of 8 bags per acre every two weeks to ensure the concentration stays at optimal levels. Try to evenly spread out where you are throwing the bags, ensuring that the entire waterbody is inhabited by these microbes.

Benefits – Without aeration and/or the supplementation of beneficial pond microbes, your pond will age like everything else in life. As previously mentioned, this aging process can result in high levels of nutrients and even loss of depth as a result of organic matter accumulation. By supplementing your waterbody with these environmentally friendly microbes, you can turn back the hands of time by reducing the nutrient content and even gaining back lost depth. Another benefit of using our brand of microbes is that they are totally safe for fish and plants. As stated, these microbes were discovered in soil, so they are already naturally occurring. We are simply increasing the concentration present. By doing so, this can accelerate decomposition of dead algae and plants. A consequence of increased decomposition can, in many cases, reduce odors that are often associated with stagnant water. So, if you are looking to enhance the overall health of your waterbody, enriching your pond with our beneficial microbes is the one of the best steps you can take to restore balance to the ecosystem.

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