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Outdoor Water Solutions

Elite Dealer Program

  • February 14, 2018

Outdoor Water Solutions is excited to announce their new Elite Dealer program.  This program is designed specifically for full-service pond and lake professionals providing services to their local clients.

Elite Dealers will benefit from added accessories like quick disconnects on fountains and sound kits and equipment pads on aerators.  Extended warranties also come standard with the Elite Dealer program leading the industry with 4-year compressor warranty on electric aerators and 5-year pump and motor warranty on solar and electric fountains.

For 2018, Outdoor Water Solutions is introducing our new line of Direct Drive™ Solar fountains.  Models include three different sizes designed to work in ponds from as small as a ¼ acre up to 5+acres in size.  This line of floating pond fountains does not need nor require electricity and instead relies 100% on solar energy to operate.

Finding access to electricity to power fountains can be a real challenge in many cases due to distance and location.  Golf courses and many private ponds just don’t want the hassle or expense of running power lines down to the edge of a pond.  If power has already been run to the site, it may only be 110 volts, which is insufficient to operate larger, more impressive fountain displays, many of which require a minimum of 220 volts power.

The other challenge is cost and cost allocation.  Many homeowner associations and private entities don’t want to pay a monthly electric bill or don’t want to divide up the cost between multiple parties.  The benefit of a solar fountain is that there is no ongoing electric cost and no need to divide that cost up for everyone to share.

Sizes include 3/4hp, 1 1/2hp and a 3hp fountain.  All of these utilize high-quality pumps and motors carrying a full 5-year warranty, which is the longest warranty in the industry.  Other features include cable quick disconnects for ease of maintenance and winterizing, stainless steel frames and intake screens and an industry leading control panel with solar controllers designed for optimal runtime.  Each fountain also includes your choice of up to five nozzle patterns.

The Elite Dealer program also helps pond and lake professionals save time by providing detailed quotes along with mapping to ensure correct product placement.  All Elite Dealers will have access to professional technicians to help with product applications and troubleshooting.

Sales manager, Joe Forman looks forward to working closely with Elite Dealers to help their businesses gain a competitive edge with product differentiation and excellent customer service.  You can contact Joe at 479-756-1614 or joe@outdoorwatersolutions.com for more information about how to become an Elite dealer and to get pricing information.

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