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Got Muck? We’ve Got The Solution!

  • August 12, 2022

Did you know that the increased summer heat can increase the chances of unfavorable effects on your pond? The temperature and sunlight combined increase your pond’s water temperature which negatively impacts its ecosystem. When a pond is not being aerated, either naturally or with a solar pond aerator, the stagnant warm water rises which depletes oxygen from lower parts of the pond. The low oxygen levels in the pond put the health of the pond and its fish at risk and give algae the opportunity to grow.

To keep a pond and aquatic life healthy and thriving, it’s important to not only keep a watch out for muck but to alleviate the issues that arise from a lack of oxygen as quickly as possible. At Outdoor Water Solutions, we offer just such solutions such as muck pellets for ponds and pond aeration products that will protect your pond from extreme heat.

Healthy Ponds Begin With Quick Action

A pond can add a touch of ambiance to any piece of property however, some don’t realize that they still need to be maintained in order to sustain its beauty. Oftentimes, a pond management strategy isn’t implemented until issues are at their worst. Some of the signs that a pond is unhealthy include murky water and clumps of slimy green algae growing across the surface as well as a foul odor. These symptoms are a sign that there is a lack of pond aeration and that a pond has been severely neglected. 

The best plan of action is one that starts before the problems start, and the best way to do that is by adding a pond aeration system such as a solar pond aerator. Aeration will assist in mixing the entire body of pond water, preventing low-oxygen conditions at the bottom of the pond. Pond aeration works by creating circulation and movement to expose large amounts of water to the atmosphere. More water in contact with the atmosphere means more oxygen that can be absorbed by the water molecules. This concentration of oxygen will allow for more beneficial bacteria which can help to metabolize excess nutrients and reduce muck accumulation at the bottom of the pond. 

There are various pond aeration systems on the market that can properly aerate your pond. Because electricity is through the roof right now, we recommend a solar pond aerator or a floating solar pond fountain if you’re looking to add to the aesthetics. A solar pond aerator or solar fountain works off of the sun, alleviating the need for a power source and saving you money on your electricity bill while saving your pond.

If muck has already become an issue, we recommend muck pellets for ponds. Muck pellets break down the unfavorable bacteria that are harmful to your pond and aquatic life and are a fairly simple solution. Muck pellets for ponds do this by sinking into the water and releasing indigenous bacteria that immediately work to begin cutting through the muck and buildup. If your pond is suffering from a muck buildup, muck pellets for ponds are the way to go!

These solutions for ponds and so much more can be found at Outdoor Water Solutions. Visit us at outdoorwatersolutions.com to check out our pond maintenance products or contact our pond experts at 866.471-1614 to discover the pond care products that are best for your pond.

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