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How Pond Microbes Protect The Health of Your Pond’s Ecosystem

  • April 12, 2023

Typically, the word ‘bacteria’ is used in a negative context as it’s usually associated with something that’s germ-filled or has spoiled such as meat being left out for too long. While it’s true that there are certain types of bacteria that should be avoided because of their dangerous nature. However, there are some bacteria that are actually beneficial, not only for our bodies but to the nature that surrounds us – including our ponds. 

Depending on what part of the nation you live in, your pond may not be able to produce the processes necessary to keep it and your aquatic life healthy. When this happens, natural pond bacteria products are needed to supplement what mother nature could not. If you live in an area where pond aeration does not occur naturally, keep reading to learn how Outdoor Water Solutions can help you protect your pond and your aquatic life.

The Need for Beneficial Bacteria

Similar to the decaying process experienced by trees, the bottom of your pond is experiencing a constant state of decay as well. This process includes naturally occurring bacteria that assist in the microbial degradation of organic matter at the bottom of the pond. Without the assistance of these microorganisms, the natural processes that are supposed to occur in your pond either slow down or become nonexistent.

When pond aeration is occurring and your pond has an adequate amount of healthy pond bacteria, your pond will experience a variety of benefits. First, the digestion of sediment leads to less plant and algae growth, reducing algae blooms in your pond. The decayed matter is converted into important needed nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate. Healthy bacteria will also reduce odor from the pond and restore healthy oxygen levels, keeping the water looking clear. 

Sometimes, however, the weather doesn’t allow for pond aeration making it necessary to utilize natural pond bacteria products such as pond muck pellets, pond microbes, and, in some cases, pond aeration systems are needed. If you’re worried about man made products being added to your pond, we assure you that they’re perfectly safe and offer a variety of benefits. 

By adding natural pond bacteria products to your pond, you can protect your pond from harmful algae and other organisms that occur naturally. Of course, there are some things to know beyond their benefits. The natural pond bacteria products, such as pond muck pellets, must be administered frequently to maintain your desired levels. How often they will need to be administered will depend on a number of factors, one of them being your pond aeration situation.

If your pond is not being aerated properly, it will most likely need to be treated more frequently unless a pond aeration system is put in place. Of course, the professionals at Outdoor Water Solutions can assist you with the products needed to maintain a healthy pond as well as provide you with exactly what you need for proper maintenance. If your pond and aquatic life are struggling, the experts at Outdoor Water Solutions are here to help. To learn more about our products, contact us today at 866.471.1614!

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